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A company which tailors its products to each individual market?
A fir which standardizes its products across all markets (entire world is one market)?
A firm which balances the multidomestic product, customizing products where necessary, standardizing where able?
A business whose activities are carried out across national boundaries?
International Business
Name three of the specific environments in which a company must operate?
Competitive, distributive, economic, socioeconomic, financial, legal, physical, Labor
The U.S.’s two largest trade partners?
Canada and Mexico
The purchase of sufficient stock in a firm to obtain significant management control?
Direct investment
Production facilities in Mexico that temporarily import raw materials, components, or parts duty-free to be manufactured, pressed, or assembled with less expensive local labor, finished or semi-finished good it the exported?
In-Bond Plants
The purchase of stocks and bonds to obtain a return on the funds invested?
Portfolio Investment
Transnational economic zones spread over large, geographically proximate areas covering three or more countries where differences in facto endowments are exploited to promote external trade and investments?
Growth Triangles
Numerical limits places on specific classes of imports?
Amount of currency a dollar can buy?
Exchange Rate
Number of units of currency required to buy the same amounts of goods and services in the domestic market that one dollar would buy in the U.S.?
Purchasing power parity
An economic philosophy based on the belief that a nation’s wealth depends on accumulated wealth and to increase wealth, government policies should promote exports and discourage imports?
States that countries export products requiring large amounts of their abundant production factors and import products requiring large amounts of scarce factors?
Heckscher-Ohlin Theory of Endowment
Economic integration where tariffs are abolished between members, but they still have them with outside world?
Free Trade Area
MERCOSUR affects this geographical area?
South America
Economic integration in which countries give up sovereignty, currency, controls at central bank?
Complete economic integration
Deliberative body of the UN, all countries have a vote, nonbinding decisions?
General Assembly
The five countries which have a permanent seat on the security council?
U.S., U.K., China, Russia, France
The largest currency exchange in the world?
A sever BOP deficit?
Meeting after WWII which established the gold standard, the IMF, the World Band, and stated stable exchange rates were preferable?
Bretton Woods
Established by the IMF as a reserve; they are based on a basket of currencies?
SDR’s (Special Drawing Rights)
The three accounts in the BOP?
Current, capital, official reserves account
Belief that one’s culture is superior to all others?
Payments to keep the receiver from causing harm to the payer?
Emigration of highly educated professionals to other countries?
Brain Drain
Aspect of Hinduism where entire society if divided up into four groups?
Caste system
Three of the nine components of culture?
Religion, Education, Language
Anything supplied by nature on which people are dependent?
Natural Resources
Massive area of bedrock in Trebek’s homeland?
Canadian Shield
Nuclear meltdown in the USSR in April 1986?
Two of the four unconventional sources of energy?
Coal, Natural gas, oil sands, oil bearing shale
Worst spill in U.S. history?
Alaskan Oil Spill
European Union
North American Free Trade Agreement
World Trade Organization
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development