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~도 (ㅡ말고) ~도 말고
neither ~ nor ~ , but...
ex: 밥도 (말고) 술도 말고 잠만 자고 싶어요.
I need neither food nor drink. I just want to sleep.
action verb + 고 나다
to have just finished doing ~
Noun 하면
if (when)ones does (says, thinks) about Noun; speaking of Noun
~(으)ㄹ 텐데
be supposed to do/be, and/but/so; probably; most likely
ex: 비가 올 텐데 가지 마세요.
It is supposed to rain, so please don't go.
~어/아 놓다
~어/아 두다
to do something for later;
to do something and keep it that way (or for future use)
어찌나 ~ 는지
so ~ that ~; too ~ to ~
ex: 나는 어찌나 기뻤던지 눈물이 났다.
I was so happy that I cried.
verb stem + 다 못해(서)
to be unable to continue to ~
verb stem + 어/아 빠지다
extremely, become very ~
ex: 우리 아들은 게을러 빠졌어요.
My son is extremely lazy.
verb stem + (ㅅ)ㅂ디다
(past experience/observation) I saw/heard/experienced
어/아 가지고
with; by doing/being; for the reason that
~만 못하다
to not be as good as
I guess (he/she/it/they/you) probably ...(=겠어요)
not ... but...; instead of ...; except; but; other than
ex: 이것 말고 더 좋은 것을 주세요. Please give me something better than this.
Verb stem + 고 해서
because...and the like; and such; so; for the reason that ~; because (usually 2 or more reasons
verb stem + 더라구요
I saw/witnessed/felt that; you know
only when; not until
ex: 1968년에 와서야
..not until 1968...
ex: 그 사람은 얼마나 기쁠까.
How excited they must be!
~다(가) 보니(까)
while one kept (doing); as a result of doing
ex: 날마다 놀다 보니까 바보가 외어 버렸어요.
As a result of playing around every day, I ended up being a fool.
Noun + (이)라(서)
because it is, as it is
ex: 일요일이라(서) 차가 막히지 않아요.
Because it is Sunday, the traffic is smoot.
probably because; maybe because
ex: 아무도 없는지 집안이 조용하다.
Probably because nobody is in, it's quiet inside the house.
to carry ~ from one place to another
ex: 그 도둑을 잡아다 감옥에 가두었다.
They arrested the thief and put him in jail.
~는가/(으)ㄴ가/(으)ㄹ까 해서
wondering if ~ ; thinking that ~
ex: 도와 주실 수 있으신가 해서요.
I was wondering if you could help me.
~다 싶다
it appears that
ex: 미아가 올까 싶지 않다.
It appears unlikely that Mia will come.
~기 보다는
rather than
ex: 새 일일 시작하기보다는 하던 일을 먼저 끝내지요.
Rather than starting new work let's finish up the work we have been doing.
~에 지나지 않다
to be nothing but; to be no more than; merely
ex:나는 평범한 학생에 지나지않는다.
I am nothing but a common student
~곤/고는 하다
to do habitually; to do occasionally
ex: 우리 아버지는 토요일이면 등산하시곤 해요.
My father occasionally goes mountain climbing on Sundays.
~고 ~ 고 하다
repeated action
ex: 그는 날마다 먹고 자고만 한다.
He eats and sleeps every day.
~던 것이다
The fact is that (someone/
something) did...
Ex: 그 사람의 인생을 살려줬지만
범인이던 것입니다.
He saved that person's life, but the fact is he's a criminal.
Sentence ending with many meanings.
I'm sure; I assure
Ex: 실패에서 생긴 발명품도 있지요. Surely there are inventions derived from failure.
Ex: 저 학생이 누구지요?
Who is that student? (I wonder.)
Seeking agreement
Ex: 이 배를 만든 장군이 이순신 장군이죠?
The admiral who invented this boat is Admiral Yi Sunsin, isn't it?
Ex: 아마 그 도둑은 잡히고 말았지요.
I suppose the thief (probably) ended up being caught.
Ex: 들어오시지요.
Would you come in, please?
그러게 (말이다)
글쎄 말이야
I agree; that's right
Ex: A: 오늘 정말 바람이 세요.
B: 그러세 말이에요.
It is said that...
Ex: 마이클은 아주 열심이래.
Michael is said to be very diligent.
~다는 겁니다
It is/was said/reported/
found that..
Ex: 그 도둑이 잡혔다는 겁니다.
It is said that the thief was caught.
다시 말해서
In other words...
Polite question form, denoting wonder of the speaker
Ex: 사라는 자는가요?
Is Sara sleeping? (I wonder)
~을/를 대상으로
Taking (something/someone) as a (research) subject
Ex: 실직자를 대상으로 실직의 이유를 물어 보았다.
Taking jobless people as subjects, they asked the reasons for unemployment.
Because, since, as, indeed
Ex:빡에 또 비가 와요.
It's raining outside again.
That's because it's the rainy season.
그렇지 않아도/그러잖아도
as a matter of fact...
Ex: 그렇지 않아도 소영 씨를 만나러 간다고 했어요.
As a matter of fact, he said he would go to meet you, So-yong.
말씀 낮추세요.
Not a grammar point. Idiomatic expression used by a younger to older when the older person keeps using polite speech.
~다(가) ~다(가) 하다
Alternation of actions or states
Ex: 많은 사람들이 들어왔다(가) 나갔다(가) 했다.
Many people kept coming in and going out.
~기(가) 일쑤이다
Always doing (something unpleasant)
Ex: 그 남자는 거짓말하기(가) 일쑤예요.
The man lies every time he turns around.
만씀 두중 실례지만
Excuse me for interrupting, but...
Not really a grammar point. Used when butting into a conversation.
내 정신 좀 봐
I completely forgot about it.
Not a grammar point, just an idiomatic expression.