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business pressures
market, technology, sociatal
market pressure
global economy, changing workforce, need for real time operations
technology pressures
tech innovations, information overload
sociatal pressures
social responsibility, gov't regulation/deregulation, terrorist attacks, ethical issues
strategic management and systems
advancement in technology to give companies edge over competition
customer focus
customer has more power
continuous improvement
periodically re examining all processes to increase productivety
organizational responses to business pressures
strategic management systems, customer focus, continuous improvement, business process reengineering, make to order and mass custimization, business alliances, e-commerce
information system
collects, processes, stores, analyzes and disseminates information for specific purpose
elementary description of things, events, activities and transactions
organized data so that they have meaning and value to recipient
data or information that has been organized to convey understanding, experience, expertise
transaction processing systems
process transaction of organization; cater to routine, stable, structured, static decision
management information systems (MIS)
batch reporting: summary, exception, detailed reports. cater to slightly changing or semi-structured decisions. Rigid/inflexible and not sophisticated analytically, internal/corporate data flows
decision support systems (DSS)
aid and support management decision making, what if analysis, cater to rapidly changing, dynamic and unstructured decisions. analytically sophisticated(models,algorithms), future oriented, flexible
knowledge work systems
cater to knowledge workers (scientists, engineers). usually graphically and mathematically intensive. ex. CAD/CAE systems
office automation systems (OAS)
document management systems: word processing, spreadsheet, database, integrated software. Scheduling software, communication software: email, connection terminal
executive information systems (EIS or ESS)
caters to top executives, graphically oriented. uses internal (revenues, exp.) and external data flows (econ., competition, industry info.). user friendly interface and analyzing methods
artificial intelligence (AI)
robotics/intelligent machines, natural language processing, expert systems (KBS).
expert systems (ES or KBS)
operates at level of human expert, symbol manipulation system. offers inferences or conclusions making decision for managers
contains web server which serves documents to clients. can be informative and/or interactive
uniform resource locator.
web client
uses browser to fetch data from web server.
web server
usually called HTTP _____ or HTTP Daemon. server waits for TCP/IP connection on port 80. server reads request and sends back MIME
search engines
aids in discovery information in huge area covered by internet
search and index agents
web robots, spiders, wanderers. sent out to index websites to category