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the first step in dev'g a job sat test is to
a. review previos selection tests
b. perform job analysis
c. classify the job along some standarized content dimenesion
d. conduct a job evaluation
According to Fiedler, a person who can say nice things about a least perferred co-worker si most effective in
a. moderately favorable cond
b. very unfavorable cond
c. very favorable cond
d. very favorable or unfavorable cond
the most effective use of a biog inventory occurs when the ques
a.a sk about interests
b. include attitude scale
c. are empirically derived
d. allow for free-response answers
wch of the following measures wld be most useful for determining if an applicant for a blue collar job is likely to benefit fr training
a. work sample
b. achievement tests
c. needs assessment
d. assessment ctr
In terms of motivation, transactional leaders rely most on
a. job context factors
b. rewards & punishments
c. referent power
d. intrinsic motivation
studies in orgs that have instituted flextime suggest that the intervention is associated with
a. increased productivity but no sig change in sat
b. increased sat, w/ its effects on prod being ques
c. neither increased prod nor increased sat
d. both increased productivity and increased sat.
low job sat is mst strongly correlated with
a. low productivity
b. high turnover
c. a high degree of sabotage
d. emotional instability
frame of reference training is useful for
a. teaching basic skills
b. improving rater accuracy
c. leadership development
d. career counselling