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Where did the growth of the Indian civilization begin ?
the indus valley
What religion grew out of the beliefs of early settlers and newcomers to India ?
people who practice the religion of * blank * try to follow a middle path between too much and too little
What did Chandra Gupta accomplish?
HE created a kingdom that lasted in peace for over hundreds of years
what are some of the accomplishments of India scholars ?
They came up with two different things in mathematics
The * blank * saw to it that the gods of the Aryans were worshiped in the right way
India's community like family groups were called
The muslims believed in one God but hindus
hindus believed in gods
why do members of a jati feel close to one another ?
because they were all of the same occupation
the muslims believe all followers of islam are equal but hindus
believe that you are born to your position in life and if you do badly in life you will be reborn to a bad position
Members of a * blank * helped each otherr in times of trouble
What happened to bring an end to the Gupta empire?
Fierce warriors slipped in through the kingdom
hindus believed that a person can be born and reborn only if they gain what?