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What is a rain shadow
a slope facing the same way the wind is blowing, stopping rain from coming over the mountain
What is the orographic effect?
The precipitation that occurs when moist air rises up the side of a mountain. As the air rises, it cools down and releases most of its moisture as rain or snow
Define atmospheric pressure
The weight of the atmosphere
pressing down on any point of the surface of the earth. High pressure areas - few clouds form. Low pressure - form clouds that produce rain
What is a tropical cyclone
Another name for Hurricane
Most of Bangledesh lies on the river Delta that seldom rises more than ________
30 feet above sea level
Because of Bangladesh's low elevation what crop thrives here?
Rice. because with low elevation rice is a crop that grows better in warm shallow water
What effects do the monsoon rains have on crops
Monsoon rains often couse flooding which is then hard for even the rice to grow
Other than flooding what other problem does Bangladesh face?
Tropical cyclones
What does Bangladesh's economy depend on?
Rain. Agriculture (growing rice) is heavily dependent on rain
What percentage of Bangladesh's people farm?
`3/5 people or 60%
What other effects come from too much rain
city streets flood, people cannot get to work and businesses close. also, flooding pollutes drinking water
What's the result of contaminated drinking water
Disease spreads rapidly
What is the climate of Jodphur?
Semi-arid (hot & dry most of the year and heavy rains June - September
Jodphur sits on the eastern edge of what dessert
Thar Dessert
Jodphur is a leading producer of what?
Cattle, spices and grains
Since they get very little rain and the temperatures never get below 60 degrees what do they depend on for water
summer monsoons from june to september
What percentage of people living around Jodphur are farmers
What makes farming difficult in Jodphur
Desert soil needs lots of water and they depend on the summer monsoons
What effects does too little or not enough rain have on the people in Jodphur
Crops fail and drinking water vanishes and families run out of food and grow weak and diseases spread
How do families that run out of food survive?
by eating samas, a wild grass
Calcutta is called both the _________ and the __________
city of joy
dying sea
Calcutta sits on a branch of what river
What is a draw back of being on the Ganges river
The june monsoons come and flood the river
How many people live in Calcutta
15 Million
What percentage of the people in Calcutta live in slums
1/3 or 33%
What are 2 benefits of the monsoon rains in Calcutta
provides water for crops and relief from heat
Pune is located where in India
On the Deccan Plateau in western india
What crops do they plant in Pune
Drought resistant - like sugar beets
What have they done to try to increase rainfall
What is Cloud-seeding
They drop chemicals into the clouds to attach to the water droplets and make them heavier so it will rain. They do this by plane
How does India compare with the US
India is 1/3 the size of the US but India has more than three times the population
What is the population of India
over 1 billilon people
2nd most populated country in the world
What kind of government do they have in India
For thousands of years Indian society has been divided into groups called __________
Other than castes, india is also divided by _____________
What are the 2 main faiths, or religions in India
Hinduism and Islam
3/4's of indians are what religion
True of false
India is one of the poorest countries in the world
What portion of Indians live in poverty?
1/4 live on less than 1 dollar a day
What is one reason for india's rapidly growing economy
IT revolution
What does IT stand for
Information Technology
What is the attraction of their IT services
Low wages which make more jobs for many foreign companies
What's another attraction for american companies in india
India is on the other side of the world and there is a time difference of 10 or more hours. India's people are working while american people are sleeping.
The main hub in india is the city of _____________
Bangalore in southern India
Comparative advantage
the ability of one country to produce a good or provide a service at a lower cost than another country
Information Technology (IT)
the use of technology to move, record and process information. IT includes computers, communications satellites, cell phones and internet
to hire someone outside a company to do work that was once done inside the company. IT has made it possible to outsource to businesses in other countries
Time Zone
an area that usus the sam clock time. Earth is divided into 24 standard time zones
Does India have a standard time zone
no, india has a non standard time zone - 1/2 hour off of standard time
What are the three contributers to the rapidly growing economy
Low wages

English speakers

Trained workers
Why does india have such low wages
Large population makes for more people looking for work so people accept lower pay just to get work

Low cost of living - things cost less than in many other countries so people don't need to earn as much
So many indian people want to work IT jobs because of
better pay and nice working conditions
What is the advantage of english speaking skills
about 1/3 of all indians speak some english. This gives india a good advantage in attracting US companies
India has more than ___________ languages and dialects
what is a dialect
a version of a language that is spoken in a specific area
what is india's national language
What portion of indians speak Hindi at home
English is spoken by ______________ indian people
almost all educated
Why is english so widely spoken india
India was once a colony of Great Britian so the schools were set up by British people and students were taught in english
About __________ of indians speak english
What contributes to India's abundance of trained workers?
Education is very important and students are motivated to work hard

India puts alot of money into higher education and a large percentage of college graduates are IT oriented
Indian law says that children up to the age of _____ must go to school
What portion of these children actually attend school
What portion of indians are illiterate
Why don't more children go to school
Poverty. Many poor children have to work to help support their family
What is another reason children don't attend school
Caste system. Lower castes are not expected to be educated