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4 components of behavioral objective
Who, What, Condition, and Criteria
When to refer students for special services
Behavioral, Social, Physical, and Academic
WHy would you want to ssit a nondisabled student with a disabled student
to learn social skills to be employed
two main types of behavioral problems
study skills and conduct
Define impairment
lost, diseased, or damaged
Define disability
lost of funciton caused by impairment
students with special needs
talented and Gifted, Language/Culture linguistics/At Risk/Student of disabilities
People who have to be at IEP
Principle, Parent, General Educator, and Special Educator
3 Stages of Learning
Acquisition the intial learning stage, Maintenance the review days, and generalization tahe transfer or writing
Chocolate Cake reward?
positive reinforcement
Calendar of tally marks for reward?
Free and appropriate education, 1st law
PL 94-142 1975
Define inclusion
meaningful participation of students with special needs in general education classroom and programs. Modern name
Benefits of regular education
achieve academic success, students learn to accept differences, factulty become a team, labeling demphasized
environmental impact
5 components of IDEA
free and apprpriate, non-discrimatory and non-biased, IEP, inclusion and due process
10 categories
MR, H, S and V, L and S, E, Or, A, T, O, Specific Learning Disabilities
LEA mean
public board of edcuation
Special Education means
designed instruciton, at no cost to parents, to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability in all setting, and instruciton in physical educaiton
two categories most likely to be served in mainstream
speech and language
learning disabilities
two categories least likely to be mainstream
severe disabilities/mental retardation and multiple disorders
teachers often use the medial term ______ describe students with learning problems
Etiology is another term for ________
previous to birth
subsequent to childbirth
health care for mothers and infants
obsevations, gathering information
informal assessment
use of current classroom performance
curriculum-based assessment
assembling samples of students work over time
portfolio assessment
data gathered oth before and during the implementation of an intervention to evaluate the effectiveness of itnerventin
clinical teachign
teacher takes frequent breif samples of students perofrmance to evaluate progress toward curricular goals
curriculum-based measurement
comparing the performance of one student with that of another in the normal group
norm-referenced tests
a normal assessment that measures whether a student has mastered education goals
criteria-referenced tests
Child Find
law to assist in locating, identifying and obtaining services for children hwo have special learning needs
List response patterns to indicate academic problems
High number of incorrect, low number of responses, inconsistent responses
We should challenge during instruction and generalization not a test
clarify task direcitons, reinstate in different way,repeat back
add prompts, reminders, highlights
teach to specific student errors
reduce distraction
materials and activities
give additional presenttation, vary situations, peple and different ways of learning, guided practice, make consequences more attractive, slow pace of instruction
teahcers procedures
change criteria, quantity, speed, accuracy
change characteristics, do it differently
what are the prerequistes,
small systematic steps problem-solving exercise
task requirements
3 ways problem of behavior exhibited
10-20% hwk, 50-60 talking, absence of soical interaction
possible teacher contribution to misbehavior
inconsistent consequences, unpredictable to responding,expectations to high, set a bad tone, not getting outside help
state specifically if you want students in chairs by the time bell rings, speak politely to each toehr, rules will be borken, and be prepared to do what
proactivie strategies
Dr. Latham's article, school concerned because:
most of students were at risk for failure, developmentally delayed, shy, poor social skills, behavioral skill, and academic
teachers in Dr. Latham article instructed to:
maintain composure, be brief, don't waste time
factors to consider in managign total learning environment
physical environment
educatoinal technoloyg
organizing instructional environment
coordinating time and ohter resources
Good management skills have been foudn to be _______ and ______
related to amount of learning and good managears more able to adapt instruction to students needs
Classroom and furnishings

make the working conditions plesant

consider educational goals in making seating arrnagements
physical arrangement of mainstream:
ensure a safe and barrier free enironment
arragne space functionality
organize curricular skills and information

setup system for monitoring practice
organizing the instructional environment:
group students by skill-specific, heterogensou groups
provide guidelines (rules and routines)
systematic record-keeping procedure
establish daily schedule

analyze present time usage

reocgnize the differnece between urgent and important

begin with high priority tasks
ask yourself: is this the best use of time?
Managing instructional time effectively:
set goals
eliminate time wasters
don't procrastinate
establish priorities
educational technolgoy
supervise small groups in classroom, lunch, fieldtrip, etc.

assist in the preparation of instructional materials
collect and record data on student performance
perform routine clerical duties
help with classroom housekeeping hcores