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*Head of the SD
*Self-motivated for power
*Worked to gather info on opponents of the party
*Developed a network that eventually covered Germany with thousands of informers
*Commandant of Dachau
*Created an efficient and rational system of terror in which guards were carefully trained in dehumanizing their prisoners
*Appointed inspector of all camps
*Regularized them on the Dachau model
*Army chief of staff
*Opposed to Hitler's brash expansionism
*Paired up with Hans Oster
*Chief of Central Division of Intelligence Section of the OKW
*Worked with Beck
*Encouraged cooperation between military & civilian opposition
*Made plans to arrest Hitler but they fell through
Official sculptors of the regime
Arno Brecker
Joseph Thorak
Basic instrument for control and intimidation of the art world
Reich Chamber of Visual Arts
Designed the House of German Art
Neoclassical style
Albert Speer
Hitler's personal architect after Troost
Designed the Chancellery building
Party Rallies
Luitpold Arena
Congress Hall
One of 2 Nazi leaders who influenced Hitler's Foreign Policy
Emphasized war with Britain, not Russia
Law Against Malicious Attacks on State and Party
Stipulated that people who made base or "rabble-rousing remarks" against state or party officials would be jailed
Which three subjects were affected by Nazi changes in school curriculum
*German (racial ideology and German awareness)
*History (Nazi revolution and Hitler's role in it)
*Biology (racial purity, breeding, and laws of hereditary)
Special Nazi Schools
*Adolf Hitler Schools
SS Beginnings
*Established in 1925 to protect Hitler and other party leaders
*Black caps with a skull and crossbones
*Intelligence gathering
*Himmler in charge
Himmler's Models
*Order of the Teutonic Knights
Racial elite. Conquer the East on behalf of racial ideology
6 Reasons for considerable consent for the Nazi Regime
1) Popularity of Hitler as Fuhrer
2) Use of militarism and nationalism
3) Use of plebiscites
4) Mass rallies to garner support
5) Clearing up unemployment and depression problems
6) Viewed as a Messiah figure
Gauleiter during peace
*Decisive in the peacetime years in the exercise of Nazi rule in the provinces
*Met with Hitler Occasionally
*Pressured the central state bureaucracy
Gauleiter in war
Mobilized the population and resources for the war effort
*Brought an extension of the role of the party fanatics and activists at the base of society
Nazis experienced little difficulty in controlling regular German courts (3 reasons)
1) Judges had right wing sentiments
2) Nazis forced judges to follow guidelines of the regime
3) Regardless of their verdicts, SS police would make the final decision
Role of Einsatzgruppen
Division of the SS
Death squads
Key components of the Euthanasia action
1) Power-lust by Bouhler and Best
2) Compliance of Asylum doctors
3) Hitler's distaste for bureaucracy
4) Ideological objective close to the center of Hitler's world philosophy
Austria and Sudentenland
*Scores to be settled against racial and political enemies
*Brought new tasks for the gestapo and party (more ruthless)
*Renewed fervor against socialist and communist left
*More vicious open brutality against Austrian Jews
*Brought Adolf Eichmann in to the Jewish Desk
Pogrom of 9-10 November 1938
*100 Jews killed in nationwide pogrom
*Switch from public violence to rationalized non-public conveyor-belt murders in death camps