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cytokine required for 3rd signal T-cell activation
Type-I: hyperactive rxn Disorders
Asthma, allergic rhinitis, food allergies, systemic anaphylaxis
Isotype switching involves the B-cell production of
IgE instead of IgG
HUMORAL immunity rxn's
Type I, II, and III
antibodies created against self material
Type II
Type II autoimmune diseases
1. Hemolytic anemia
2. Thrombocytopenia purpura
3. Goodpasture's
4. Acute Rhematic fever
5. Hashimoto's
6. Myasthenia gravis
7. Graves dz.
8. Pernicious anemia
Type III diseases
1. SLE
2. RA
3. Post-strep Glomerularnephtitis
Type IV diseases
1. Type-1 diabetes
2. RA
3. Inflammatory bowel disease