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Overall consumer perceptions or end user feelings towards a company along with its products, and services.
Corporate Logo
The symbol used to identify a company and its brands, helping to convey the overall image.
Stimulus Codability
Items that easly evoke consensually held meanings within a culuture or subculture.
Names generally assigned to a product, service, or group of complimentary products.
When consumers are aware of the brand, have it in their consideration sets, regard the productand brand as a good value, buy it or use it on a regular basis, and reccommend.
Family Brand
When a company offers a series or group of products under one brand name.
Brand Equity
A set of brand assets that add to the value assigned to a certain product.
Market Penetration
The number of households within an area that purchased a product as a percentage of total households that bought in that product's category.
Brand Metrics
Measures of returns on all the brand investments.
Brand Extension
The use of an established brand name on products not related to the brand.
Flanker Brand
The development of a new brand by a company in a product or service category where it currently has brand offerings.
Offering two or more brands in a marketing effort.
Ingredient Branding
Form of co-branding in which the name ofone brand is placed with another brand.
Cooperative Branding
Form of co-branding in which two firms create a joint venture of two or more brands into new products or new services.
Complementary Branding
Form of co-branding in which the marketing of two brands together encourages co-consumption or co-purchases.
Private Brands
Or private labels, proprietary brands marketed by an organization and normally distributed exclusively within the organization's outlets.
A phase in whichthe GNP declines for two consequtive quarters.
The Process of creating a percetion in the consumer's mind about the nature of a company and its products relative to the competion, determined by the quality, prices, methods of distribution, image, and other similar factors.
Evoked Set
Consists of the set of brands a consumer considers during the information search and evaluation process.