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Define subdivision:
a tract of land divided by the owner into blocks,building lots,and streets according to a recorded subdivision plat,which must comply with local ordinances and regulations
Define clustering:
a group of homesites within a subdivision on smaller lots than normal,with the remaining land used as common areas
Define gridiron:
a street pattern of a subdivision which evolved out of the the goverment rectangular survey system
Define deed restriction:
clauses in a deed limited the future uses of the property
Define Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act:
federal law that regulates the sale of certain real estate in interstate commererce
Define Illinois Land Sales Registration Act:
an act that regulates the offering,sale,lease,or assignment of any improved or unimproved land divided into 25 or more lots and offered as part of a common promotional part
Define Illinois Human Rights Act:
any restictive covenant that forbids or restricts conveyance,emcumbrance,occupancy,or lease on the basis of race,color,religion,or national origin--exceptions are allowed for religious and charitable organizations
Define density zoning:
zoning ordinances that restrict the max average number of houses per acre that may be built within a particular area,generally a subdivision
Define variance:
permission obtained from zoning authories to build a structure or conduct a use that is expressly prohibited by the current zoning laws--an exception from the zoning ordinances
Define developer:
one who attempts to put land to its most profitable use through the construction of improvement
Define plat:
a detailed map that illustrates the geographic boundries of individual lots
Define restrictive covenants:
a clause in a deed that limits the way the real estate ownership may be used
Define comprehensive plan:
Master plan--a plan to guide the long term physical development of a particular area
Define master plan:
a comprehensive plan to guide the longterm physicsl development of a particular area
Define enabling acts:
state legislation that confers zoning powers on municipal goverments
Define buffer zones:
a strip of land usually used as a park or designated for a similiar use,separating land dedicated to one use from land dedicated to another use
Define zoning ordinances;
an exercise of police power by a municipality to regulate and control the character and use of property
Define taking:
when land is taken for public use through the goverments power of eminent domain or condemnation--owner must be compensated
Define building codes:
an ordinance that specifies minimum standards of construction for buildings to protect public safety and health
Define conditional-use permit:
written permission allowing a use inconsistent with zoning but necessary for the common good, such as locating an emergency medical facility in a predominantly residential area
Define nonconforming use:
the use of property that is permitted to continue after a zoning ordinance prohibiting it has been established for the area
Define subdivider:
one who buys undeveloped land,divides it into smaller,usable lots,and sells the lots to potential users
Describe the concept of home rule:
any municipality with a populatio in excess of 25,000 and any county that has a chief exective officer elected by the people may exercise any power and performnay function pertaining to its goverment
What 8 things do zoning ordinances affect?
1)permitted uses of each parcel of land
2)lot sizes
3)types of structures
4)building heights
6)style and apperances of structures
8)protection of natural resources
The Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act allows the following timeframe to cancel a contract:
a)If you received the property report:______________
b)Without receiving the property report_______________
a)7 days
b)2 years
The Illinois Land Sales Registration Act covers land divided into ___________ lots when offered as a common promotional plan.
25 or more