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application software
programs that enable users to perform specific tasks on a computer
programmable electronic device
computer network
collection of comps and devices that are connected to share hardware, software, and data
physical parts of a computer
data entered
the largest comp network
mainframe computer
manages large amounts of centralized data: ie hospitals and colleges
personal computer
midrange server
medium size, hosts for small network
mobile device
very small, based on wireless phone or pager
network computer
PC designed to access the network instead of performing those tasks locally
notebook computer
portable PC that opens with screen and keyboard
process of presenting results
portable PC
small personal comp
performing operations on data input to convert to output
instructions used to tell comp what to do
saving data
fastest, most powerful computer
system software
programs that control the operation of a computer
tablet PC
portable PC designed to be used with electronic pen
instant messaging
form of private chat exchange real time messages with specified user
chat room
exchange written messages in real time
background work area
dialogue box
window that requires user to supply information about the task requested
discussion group
internet communications medium that allows users to post messages
domain name
text-based internet address used to indentify a computer ON THE INTERNET
IP address
numeric internet address used to identify a computer
operating system
software that enables a comp to operate
uniform resource locator
internet address that uniquely identifies a web page
web browser
program used to view web pages
web site
collection of related web pages
world wide web
collection of web pages available on the internet
arithmetic/logic unit
part of the CPU that performs arithmetic and logical operations
fixed length binary coding system used to represent text data for processing
binary numbering system
numbering system representing all numbers with 0 and 1
electronic path on the motherboard on which data transfered
group of 8 bits, holds single character of data
cache memory
chips located on mem board to provide temporary storage
central processing unit CPU
chip located inside the system unit that provides processing
control unit
part of the CPU, cordinates its operations
expansion slot
location on motherboard for expansion card insertion
machine language
binary based language for representing comp programs
main circut board
science of tiny computers
parallel processing
processing technique using multiple processers simulataneously within one computer
PC card
small card that fits in slot to provide new functionality
random access memory
high speed memorybuilt into CPU that temp stores data
group of fast memory chips located on or near CPU
system clock
timing mechanism with comp that synchronizes operations
coding system for text based data using any written language