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The 3-D column chart that is drawn on the same worksheet as the data is called the ______.
Embedded Chart
Excel derives the scale along the vertical axis which is also called the ______.
Y-Axis or Value Axis
With the range selected you click the ______ on the standard toolbar to initiate drawing the chart.
Chart Wizard Button
The ____ is the range immediately below the worksheet data.
Chart Location
The small ________ at the corners and along the sides of the selection rectangle indicate the chart selected.
Sizing Handles
In Excel the horizontal axis is also called the ______.
X-Axis or Category Axis
The _____ identifies each bar in a chart.
A saved workbook is referred to as a _____.
A new file name that replaces the Book1 in the file name text can contain up to _____ characters including spaces.
The ______ allows you to save a backup copy of the workbook and create a password to limit access to the workbook.
General Options Command
_______ means Excel can differentiate between upper and lowercase letters.
Case Sensitive
A printed version of a worksheet is called a ______.
Hard Copy or Print Out
The range of cells you choose to print is called the _____.
Print Area
You can easily obtain a total, average, or other information about the numbers in a range by using the ______.
An Alternative to double clicking a cell to edit is to select the cell and press ____.
The selection _____ at the top of the AutoCalculate shortcut menu turns off the AutoCalculate area.
In the _____ as you type a character, Excel inserts the character and moves all of the other characters to the right.
Insert Mode
Two ways to undo entries are: the _____ on the Edit Menu and the _____ on the Standard Toolbar.
Undo Command , Undo Button
Never press the _____ to clear a cell.
Space bar
This groups help topics by general categories; use it when you know only the general category of the topic in question.
Contents Sheet