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19 million fibers connect the cerebral cortex with the _ whose fibers connect with the celebellar cortex?
In the adult brain, the central canal of the embryonic neural tubes forms the what?
What produces myelin?
What are these cells classified as?
Schwann cells, and olgiodendrocyctes; glial cells
What is the purpose of myelin?
Speeding up conduction
What do axon cells have?
Do you see any endoplasmic reticuliun in this exoplasm of axons?
What do you call the endoplasm in a nerve cell?
Nissl Body
What do you have in axons?
cytoskeleton, made up mircotubles and micro filaments
What is the main purpose of cytoskeleton?
Guide flow of mitochondria, lipids, synaptic vesicles, proteins and other cell parts to and from a neuron’s cell body (soma) through the axoplasm
What is the area where the axon meets the soma and there is no endoplasmic reticulum?
Axon Hillock
What causes the iris to constrict
smooth muscle by parasympathetic nervous system
What are the functions of the astrocyte?
Foot process at
1. Node of Ranvier
2. Synapse
3. ependymocell
4. paliglial membrane
5. Capillary
Why does it wrap around the capillary?
Blood brain barrier
What is neurogensis?
Formation of the nervous system
Which structure has not shown neurogenesis?
Anterior horn
Does the dentate gyrus show neurogenesis?
The Olfactory bulb connects to what in the superior aspect of nasal cavity?
Olfactory epithelium
Is there neurogensis in the olfactory epithelium?
Does the visceral nervous system innervate smooth muscle?Does it innervate heart muscle?
Does it innervate skeletal muscle?
What kind of sensory does the Fissura faciculus deal with?
Are ventricles large or small in AIDS patients?
Very large
700 cc of cerebral spinal fluid is produced each day, and where does it flow around the CNS?
subarachnoid space
How does the CSF go back in to the Vense system
through arachnoid granulation
What kinds of cells form most of the brain?
neurons and glial
What do we call the neurons in the brain?
What is the gland near the hypothalamus?What does it do?
Pineal glan);Regulate circadian rhythm
What do we can functional groups with similar function in any of these funiculi?
What does the thalamus do?
relay station for sensations, all except olfaction
What is the Inferior colliculi’s function
What are the functions of the hypothalamus?
1. higher center for autonomic nervous sys
2. regulates body temp
3. regulates thirst
4. regulates appetite
5. plays a role with emotions
6. forming releasing hormones for anterior pituitary hormones
7. produces hormones for posterior pituitary
The olfactory sensations are coming from what part of your neural tube?
The optic nerves are coming from what part of you neural tube?
The oculomotor nerves are coming from what part of your neural tube?
What does the III nerve do?
move eyes, lifts eyelid (muscle levator palpebrae)
The general efferent nerve extends to only one eye muscle, which muscle is it, what is the nerve called?
lacteral rectus muscle; by nerve VI the abducens
What nerve comes out of the cerebello pontine angle?
VII and VIII, VII is the first
What does VII do for you?
facial expression, raise eyebrows, tastebuds on ant 2/3 of tongue
What does nerve VIII do?
balance and hearing
What nerves come out of the medulla?
Where does the X nerve go to?
heart, slows it down “vagus”
What does the basal ganglia do?
modify motor behavior
What bone makes up the septum between the 2 nasal cavities?
What kind of cartilage is anterior to these 2 bones?
vomer, perpedicular plate of ethmoid;
hyline cartilage
What empties into the inferior meatus (concha)?
Does the nasal lacrimal duct only empty into that one?
nasal lacrimal duct; Y
What will the nerves contain in the Brachal Plexus?
Somatic efferent fibers, not afferent
Does the oligodendrocyte form myelin in the PNS?
N, forms myelin in the CNS
Can dendritic spines have synapses on them?
Dendrites are extensions of the cell membrane and they convey impulses away from the soma, T/F?
What do we call the last division of the channels lung?
What are dust cells?
Phagoctyic cells in the lung that pick up carbon from cigarettes
What other structures do we have down at the level of the alveoli?
elastic fibers, secretory cells that produces surfactant
How can you tell the right lobe from the left?
right has 3, left has 2
What is covering the outside of lungs? What do we call the base of the lung? What do we call this surface?
(diaphragmatic surface)
(costal surface)
Does cancer of the lung frequently matasised to the brain?
What kind of cartilage makes up the opening of the trachea?
hyline, c shaped, posterior
What is behind the trachea?
If someone has an apple caught at 7, should you go above or below for the trachyotomy?
What does stress do to synapses?
Decrease their strength
What come in from the outside of synapse when the electrical impulses come down?
What does (CA++) combine with in the synapse?
What does hydrocephalus means?
CSF blockage of the brain
The lateral ventricle communicates with the 3rd ventricle, T/F?
What are the derivates of the myelencephalon?
medulla oblongata
What happens when the cephalic (head) end of the neural tube fails to close?
no brain develops = anencephaly
What are the two nerves that come out of the mesencephalon?
III, IIV (3+4)
What is over the 3rd nerve nuclease?
Superior coliculi
Is the hippocampus an neo cortex or an archi cortex?
archi cortex
If I have a temporal field of vision, does it cross in the optic chiaism?
What is the fiber that goes from the dorsal root ganglia into the spinal cord?
Dorsal root ganglia
On what gyri do you find a homunculus?
pre and post central gyrus
Are puititary hormones directly regulated by the thalamus?
What do we call a group of fibers with like function in white matter?
If you have a lesion of the neural pathway above the anterior horn cell, what kind of lesion is that?
upper motor lesion
What is a symptom of LMNL?
Paralysis, no reflexes, atrophy
The cortico spinal tract originating in the right motor cortex influence voluntary movements in the right side of the body, T/F?
The right lateral spinal tract conveys pain and temp sensations to the right posterior central gyrus, T/F?
Sensory pathways to the cerebral cortex usually has three neurons, what are they?
1 = dorsal root ganglia, 2=substantia gelationossa in the posterior horn, 3=thalamus
If we have a LMNL will you have spastic paralysis?
What kind of epithelium lines the respiratory tract?
pseudo stratified columnar ciliated with globlet cells
Does respiratory epithelium line the nasal cavity?
What two bones make up the hard palate?
(anterior maxillary, posterior pallitine
Where does the middle meatus drain from??
frontal and maxillary sinus into nasal cavity
What cartilage is anterior to the fold?
thyroid cartilage
Where does lung cancer start?