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What year did civilization begin in Mesopotamia?
3000 BC
Where was the first evidence of civilization?
What two rivers was the first civilization between?
Tigris and Euphrates
What is the oldest single volume in history found?
Epic of Gilgamesh
What year was the Epic of Gilgamesh dated?
3320 BC
Who wrote the Epic of Gilgamesh?
What was the epic of gilgamesh written on?
cuneiform tablets
What was the first written set of laws?
Code of Hammurabi
Who is Hammurabi?
King of Babylon
What is the basis of democracy?
Social Contract Theory
What is how you turn anarchy into a civilized society by getting people to agree to a set of rules?
Social Contract Theory
When was the Golden Age of Athens?
5th Century BC
What was Athens known for?
to be the Cradle of Democracy
How was Athens ruled in Greece?
democracy-people voted only men
What were the Greek's religious beliefs?
Who were the first two Greek historians?
Herodotus and Thyncididies
Which GREEK historian wrote about the Persian Wars?
Which GREEK historian wrote about the Polyponnesian Wars?
Who was a popular philosopher in Ancient Greece?
What is the Socratic method?
The professor would ask questions, but would make the students go find out the answers.
What kind of literature was famous in Ancient Greece?
Greek Tragedies
When was the Golden Age?
Between the Persian and Polyponesian Wars
What two battles were in the Persian war?
Salamis Bay and Marathon
What years did the Persian War rage on?
What is the civil war between Sparta and Athens?
Peloponnesian War
Who would win the Peloponnesian war?
Spartans won
Who ostracized?
Greeks would pick a person who was vulgar and corrupt would be sent away for 10 years. This instilled fear and purified the society.
Who taught Plato?
Who taught Aristotle?
What was the cored of Western Education?
math and science
What eventually happened to Socrates?
He was convicted of corruption for influencing youth, and his penalty was going to be death, but he refused to leave, so he drank hemlock and died.
What was Plato's basic belief?
That there was a human understanding, but there are different levels of understanding
What is Plato's idea?
What belief was that ideas that matter and who's idea was this?
What was the first university and who started it?
the academy-plato
What did Plato write?
The Republic
Who disagreed with Plato's idealism, and why?
Aristotle- he thought that Realism was more important
What was Aristotle's school?
At Usi, what division of knowledge would be considered
idealistic and realistic?
Realistic-Science Center
When was Lysistrata first produced?
411 BC
What were the two focuses in greek drama?
-weaknesses of actual human beings
-relationships between men and women
Who was the first actor?
What is the chorus?
When 5 or 6 men talk at the same time?
What year was Rome grandest?
120 AD