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Theocratic socialism
pharaoh rules – socialism part means that goods and means would be distributed evenly people worked the land – God owned the land
Book of the Dead
collection of funerary prayers – equivalent of their Bible
united Upper and Lower Egypt
Akhenaten & Nefertiti
1353-1336– created monotheistic regime by elevating Aten to a position of supremacy over all the other gods. Moved the political and religious center to Akhetatan away from Memphis & Thebes -
young king – died when 18-20 years old Howard Carter discovered his tomb.
long narrative poem that recounts the deeds of a hero (sometimes mythical) in search of meaning & identity
terraced tower built of rubble and rock – religious shrine & a tomb
contract – if people remain faithful to God he would be there for them.
Ethical monotheism
The founding of a moral system that derives from an omnipotent or all powerful God. Yah weh -Single omnipotent all powerful God – the worship of the God requires moral virtue.
he first five books of the Bible. Torah means instruction – Genesis,Exodus,Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
Imposing military control over territories beyond one national boundaries
divinity inheres in all things
yin and yang
symbol of wholeness
oracle bones
fortune telling using tortoise shell & animal bones – Shang rulers
“The Way” religious philosophy that prevades at the time - believes that there are 4 characteristic that you should seek to develop. Tranquility, Spontaneity, Compassion, Spiritual Insight
Mandate of Heaven
ruled by divine right – Shang dynasty
the energy of the universe that moves through the universe in our body
Tragic Drama
A literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw, moral weakness, or inability to cope with unfavorable circumstances.
Judgement of Paris
Paris was going to be the Destroyer of Troy
Overbearing pride
Ancient country of Mesopotamia
Capital of Babylonian Empire in Mesopotamia
People from Mesopotamia - settled in Fertile Crescent - followed Abraham of Ur - had monotheistic beliefs had covenant with God
Trojan War
War of Greece & Troy - started by Paris by the abduction of Paris