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What kind of poetry follows a deliberate rhyme pattern, is often told in heightened language, and usually covers one specific event?
The General Prologue is the frame narrative for The Canterbury Tales. True or False?
What is a type of poem that laments the loss of beloved persons, places or things?
Which time period was marked by huge changes and influenced by both the French and Industrial Revolutions? England went from being mostly agrarian (rural, farming) to industrial.
Which poet is interested in exploring the complexity of human motivations, including what drives people to do evil deeds?
Which poem opens with a description of the setting: a violently windy and rainy night?
Porphyria's Lover. This opening creates a sense of foreboding and foreshadows an evil deed.
Term for a poem in which a speaker who is not the poet addresses a listener who does not speak. Instead of telling us directly what the speaker and the other characters are like, the poet allows the speaker to indirectly reveal himself, the other characters, and the situation by dropping clues that we must piece together.
Dramatic Monologue
Which selections had the theme of exile?
Wanderer, The Wife’s Lament, Grendel, Autobiography of a Face
Which selections give alternate interpretations of earlier versions of stories/poems about fictional characters?
"Lancelot and Elaine"
"In the Company of Wolves"