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a disturbance in normal functioning (mental, physical, or psychological)
a condition resulting from a loss of physical functioning; difficulties in learning and social adjustments that significantly interfere with normal growth and development
a limitation imposed on an individual by the environment and the person's capacity to cope with that limitation
a term describing any individual whose physical, mental, or behavorial performance deviates so substantially from the average (higher or lower)that additional support is required to meet the individual's need
What are labels based on?
ideas, not facts
Name 3 reasons for the continued use of labeling.
better way of meeting needs
Name 3 different approaches to describe the nature and extent of the differences when someone differs substantially from the norm.
developmental approach
cultural view
Section 504
provision within the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilies in federally assisted programs and activities
Civil Rights Act of 1964
legistlation passed in U.S. that prohibits discrimination against individuals on the basis of race, sex, religion, or national origin; however does not mention those with disabilities
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
civil rights legislation in the U.S. that provides mandates against people with disabilities in private sector, employment, all public services, public accomodations, transportation, and telecommunications
Major provisions of the ADA
public accomodations
Medical model
model by which human development is viewed according to two dimensions: normal and pathological
Jean Marc Itard
believed that the environment in conjunction with physiological stimulation, could contribute to the learnign potential of any human being
Phillipe Pinel
concerned with mental illness and argued that people characterized as insane or idiots needed to be treated humanely; teachings also emphasized that they were essentially incurable and that any treatment to remedy their disabilities would be fruitless
John Locke
described the mind as a blank slate that could open to all kinds of new stimuli
Modern psychology
the science of human and animal behavior; the study of the overt acts and mental events that can be observed in an organism and evaluate
Sociology model
concerned with modern cultures group behaviors, societal institutions, and intergroup relationships; exammines individuals in relation to their physical and social environments