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what are the parts of the external anatomy that i need to know of the human brain?
cerebrum, cerebellum, and brain stem
what are the parts of the brain stem?
the midbrain (cerebral peduncles, superior and inferior colliculi), pons, medulla oblongata, and cerebral aqueduct
where is the frontal lobe?
front of the cerebrum
where is the temporal lobe?
on side, under lateral sulcus
where is the occipital lobe?
under parieto-occipital sulcus in back
where is the parietal lobe?
behind the central sulcus and above the parieto-occipital sulcus
what is a cerebral hemisphere?
the longitudinal sides of the brain (right and left)
where is the precentral gyrus?
this is the matter superior to the central sulcus
central fissure or sulcus
gap between parietal and frontal lobes
lateral fissure or sulcus
gap between temporal lobe and frontal and parietal lobes
longitudinal fissure
gap between cerebral hemispheres
primary motor area
on the precentral gyrus
primary sensory area
postcentral gyrus
somatosensory association area
book points to area just under postcentral gyrus
visual area
back, lower occipital lobe
taste area
bottoms of postcentral gyrus (towards temporal) around ear area
pituitary gland
hanging below hypothalamus (anterior and posterior)
mammillary body
right behind pituitary gland and optic nerve
optic nerve
right below anterior commissure
optic chiasma
space between optic nerves
optic tract
where optic nerves originate
olfactory bulb and tract
on bottom of brain, blob things at front and channels running from blobs to middle of brain
where is the cerebellum?
bottom, back of brain, stringy looking
what are the parts of the brain stem?
four parts:
midbrain (cerebral peduncles and superior and inferior colliculi)
cerebral aqueduct (?)
what are the parts of the midbrain?
cerebral peduncles and superior and inferior colliculi
where is the midbrain?
top of brainstem, being cerebral peduncles and the colliculi
where are the pons?
bottom of brain, bulge just above medulla oblongata
where is the medulla oblongata?
the very base of the brainstem
where is the cerebral aqueduct?
just under corpora quadrigemina, feeding into cerebellum
where is the corpus callosum?
large commissure arching over ventricles and middle center of brain
where is the fornix?
bottom of the corpus callosum
where is the septum pallucidum?
space between fornix and corpus callosum
what are the basal nuclei?
clusters of neuron cell bodies, which look like islands of gray matter in white
where are the basal nuclei?
around ventricles
where is the thalamus?
around the third ventricle, under fornix, smack dead center
where is the intermediate mass of the thalamus?
middle of the thalamus
where's the hypothalamus?
under anterior commissure, on top of optic nerve
where is the infuncibulum?
stalk that holds pituitary gland
where is the pineal gland?
back bottom of thalamus, sticks out when you split cerebellum from cerebrum, looking from top
what is the choroid plexus?
makes the CSF and is within each ventricle
where is the choroid plexus?
aka where are the ventricles? inside the corpus callosum, middle of brain (encapsulated by thalamus) and in front of cerebellum
where is the lateral ventricle?
two parts to it; anterior and posterior in front and back of brain (following third ventricle towards outsides of brain in back) and connecting within corpus callosum in front
where is the third ventricle?
encapsulated by the thalamus, it spans the cerebral hemispheres
where is the fourth ventricle?
in front of the cerebellum, between that and the brainstem
where is the cerebral cortex?
outside of brain
where is the spinal cord in relation to the brain?
point below the medulla oblongata
what make up the brain meninges?
the dura mater, arachnoid mater, pia mater and superior sagittal sinus as well as arachnoid villi
what are arachnoid villi?
they are parts of the arachnoid tissue that protrude through the dura mater to allow CSF to drain into blood circulation via sinuses
where is the superior sagittal sinus?
this is where blood drains from brain tissue, runs through center of brain, front to back
does she use the term corpora quadrigemina to refer to the human colliculi?
can the cerebral peduncles be seen from the dorsal perspective?
where is the fourth ventricle on the sheep brain?
leading specifically to the center arbor vitae of the cerebellum