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what passes through the vertebral foramen? it is also known as?
spinal chord, vertebral canal
what passes through the intervertebral foramen?
the spinal nerves
where do the vertebral arteries pass through?
the vertebral foramen on cervical 1 - 6
what are the names of all vertebra in order?
cervical thoracic lumber saccry coccyx
how many of each vertebra?
12, 7 , 5, 5 4
circum, synonym?
on all sides - circumlimbal srrounds limbus

below,under deficien
related to blood vessel
CT scan, what does it mean and how does it work?
computerized tomography

x-ray tube rotates around body with detectors
CT scan picks p what, looks like what?
bone shows up as white. WHITE = DENSITY
better than MRI at what?
magnetic resonance image
better at picking up soft tissue (because it has water)
bone is ____ on an MRI
the vertebral arteries enter the skll through the
foramen magnum
what is the bony thing that the atlas articulates with? what is it on?
the dens, the axis
describe the major structual parts of an intervertebral disc
there is an outer layer of "fibrocartilage" known as the annulus fibrosis, which surrounds an inner jelly-like core called the "nucleus pulposus"
what happens to an intervertebral disc with age?
the annulus fibrosis gets weaker and may tear, the nucleus pulposis dehydrates and dgenerates
when the annulus fibrosis tears....
the nucleus pulposis may bulge out, this is known as a "herneated disc"
what sort of ligaments help the spine?
the anterior longitudinal ligament extends from sacrum to C1 and is stronger an dbroader

the posterior longitudinal segment extends from sacrum to coccyx
what are the right and left costal margins?
margins formed by the inferior edge of costal cartilages of ribs 7-10 as they meet anteriorly and on each side of the xyphoid process
what is the name of the U shaped bone in the neck and where does it lie?
the hyoid and it lies at the same level as C3
a V shaped cartilage inferior to the hyoid. Which cartilage is inferior to this?
thyroid cartilage, cricoid is next down
a prominent extension on the superior portion of the thyroid cartilage
laryngeal prominence - aka adam's apple
what what vertebral level is the cricoid cartilage?
where does the epiglottis attach?
inner surface of the thyroid cartilage
the epiglottis forms the superior part of the larynxs ___
anterior wall
describe the function of the epiglottis
it is pushed back by the tongue and bolus of food in order to cover the larynx--->forces food to go down the esophagus