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General aggravation from anticipation, fright, bad news, excitement. (Diarrhea.)
Trembling from exertion, fright or anticipation. (Extremities.)
Gelsemium: False Jasmine
Feels heart will stop beating, causing him to jump-up; fears heart will stop unless he stays in motion.
Confusion as to location. "Lost in well-known places."
Glonoinum: nitroglycerin.
General aggravation from sun.
Headaches pulsating, bursting. (Bell, Lach, Puls.)
Weeping from music.
Worse in morning on waking (sad, anxious, dull).
Chilly and aggravated from cold, even one part.
Gen. < uncovering a hand or foot.
Intolerant to drafts. (Head. Ear.)
Hepar Sulph
Stitching or splinter-like pains.
4 Remedies
Hepar Sulph
Gen. < glistening objects.
Gen. < hearing or seeing running water. (Urging to stool or urinate.)
General and local complaints better when traveling.
General aggravation from eating sweets. (Arg-N)
Ignatia: St. Ignatius Bean
Complementary: Nat-M., Sulph, Calc, Sep, Apis

Inimical: Nux-v.
Gen. < from fasting and better from eating.
Gen. < heat and better cold or cold bathing.
Gen. < if impulse for activity is restrained.
Chilly and worse from cold. Alternation of complaints from one spot or organ system to another. Pains felt in one small spot. Stomach symptoms alternate with rheumatism or asthma. Joint pains alternate with respiratory or gastrointestinal sxs. Wandering arthritis.
Kali bichromicum
Chilly, worse from cold. Intolerant of drafts, aggravated by drafts. Generally worse coition. Generally worse 2 to 4 am.
Kali carb.
Phos, Nux-V, Carb-V.
Stitching pains.
4 Remedies.
Bryonia, Nit-Ac, Hep, Kali carb,
Warm-blooded, < from heat or warm wraps.
> from cold and open air.
Chronic otitis and nasal obstruction. Snoring.
Cold but ameliorated in cold weather.
Complaints alternate.
Floating sensations.
Lac Caninum
Hot; < heat; < during sleep or upon waking; < before menses; < menopause; Left-sided sxs; Sxs move left to right. Gen. < spring and fall. Gen. < suppressed sexual expression. < lying on left side.
Lachesis: Bushmaster
Great pain in chest which radiates to the axilla or down left arm causing numbness and coldness of the hand.
Latrodectus mactans
Black Widow.
Great coldness and intolerance to cold. Collapse states
Laurocerasus: Cherry Laurel
Chilly but with local > from cold and < from heat.
Great amel. from ice cold applications or bathing.
Ledum: Labrador Tea
Right-sided problems or right going to left. Gen. < from 4 to 8 pm or 3 to 7 pm. Gen. < in morning on waking. Gen amel. in evening or at midnight. Gen. < missing a meal or from fasting. Gen. > open air.
One hand or foot much colder than the other.
(Cracks on heel.)

Complementary: Puls, Lach, NAt-M, Sulph, Sep, Iod, Chel
Sour odors
Unrefreshed in morning on waking, lasts an hour or more.
Gen. < from lying
Gen. < in morning on waking.
Gen. < touch but better from hard pressure.
Gen. < by sea (Ars, Tub, Nat-M, Sepia)
Magnesia Muriatica
General amel. from heat and pressure. (Facial neuralgia and dysmenorrhea.)
Magnesia Phosphorica
Gen. > at the sea and from sea bathing.
Gen. > in the evening; loves the night.
Hx of gonorrhea or early heart dx.
Constant clearing of throat.
2 Remedies.
Gen. < at night.
Gen. < from both heat and cold (Nat-C, Ip.)
Gen. < perspiring.
Chilly, aggravated by cold.
"Cold to the bones"
Gen. < from suppressed skin eruptions. (neuralgia, deafness, sciatica, asthma, anxiety)
February Daphne
Mezereum and Phytolacca = "Vegetable Mercury"
Left-sided complaints
Valvular lesions.
Naja: Indian Cobra
General < from the sun. Sunstroke (Glon., Carb-V.)
Food allergy, especially sensitive to milk.
Natrum carbonicum
General aggravation from sun.
General aggravation at 10am
Natrum muriaticum
Gen. < from damp weather-rainy, foggy, etc.
Gen. < from warm humid weather.
Gen. < injury to head or spine.
Gen. > stool.
Natrum sulph.
Stitching or splinter-like pains.
Nitricum acidum
Sleepliness, worse during chills and fever or between the chills, worse from eating particular foods.
Nux Moschata: Nutmeg
Dry mouth and tongue; "cotton mouth" sensation.
Tongue so dry that it adheres to the roof of the mouth.
Nux Moschata
Chilly and < from cold and from cold, dry wind.
Chills, rigor from moving under his blanket (during fever)
Gen. > from warmth and warm applications.
Collapse and fatigue states from overwork.
Nux Vomica
Warm-blooded and aggravated by heat. Gen. < from fright (Acon.) or joy (Coff.)
Chilly and < from cold.
General < during the winter.

Eczema AND herpes.
Motions sickness AND eczema
Petroleum: Crude Oil
Collapse states from grief, illness, drug or alcohol abuse.

Craving for fruit and fruit juices, refreshing things.
Phosphoricum Acidum
Collapse after long diarrhea or any fluid loss. 2 Remedies.
China and Phos-Ac
Generally worse from fasting, lying on the left side. Gen. > eating, cold drinks. Gen. < spicy foods, warm foods and salt. Gen. > from sleep. Gen. > rubbing the affected part. Gen. < twilight.
Tremendous thirst for cold drinks.
Appetite ravenous.
Sleeps on right side. Wakes refreshed.
Generally < from cold and cold damp.
Mastitis: Great pains with nursing, worse in the left breast, the pain radiates to the whole body.
Painful dentition or dental pain with relief from clenching the gums or teeth.
Constrictions, as if bandaged, as if a band about the part.
Numbness or coldness about head and face, especially about the cheek-bones and lips.
Appearance yellow/sallow. Drawing, contracting pains. Contractures. Emaciation of the affected parts. Hypersesthesia of skin. Advanced atherosclerosis.
Tremor, spams, twitching of muscles.
Progressive paralyzed limbs.
Wrist-drop. Ankle-drop
Weakness or faintness from diarrhea or after stool.
Gen. < 4 or 5 am.
Podophyllum: May Apple. American Madrake
Chilly and aggravated from cold. Gen. < from open or air or from drafts. < before storm. < from fasting. Offensive discharge.
Feels inexplicably well the day before is about to get ill.
Must wear a warm or fur hat all year, even in summer.
Warm-blooded, < heat.
< sun. > open air and breezes. > walking slowly in the open air. < at twilight or in the evening. > cool, crisp weather. < pregnancy, menopause, before or during menses, from suppresed menses.
1. Chill up and down back-spine.
2. Sensation of cold water poured on back.
1. Gels.
2. Puls.
Disparity btwn the pulse rate and the temperature. For example, the pulse is 140 though there is only a moderate fever or vice-versa.
Bed feels too hard.
4 Remedies.
Pyrogenium, Rhus-T, Ars, Eup-Per
Gen. < in cold and cold wet weather, or form changes in the weather. Gen. < in open air or from drafts. Gen. < from alcohol.
Intercostal neuralgia, esp. of the lower left chest. Rheumatism.
Ranunculus Bulbosus: Buttercup. Crowfoot.
Gen. < from cold and cold wet weather. < drafts. < cloudy, overcast, or foggy weather. < getting wet.
Gen. > warm weather, from warm bathing. > from motion; cannot sit still. < in the morning on rising.
Rhus tox.
Gen. < from uncovering or undressing.
< cold or open air.
< talking, laughing
< morning on waking or at 11pm
< touch or pressure on the throat or larynx.
< change in temp.
Rumex-yellow dock.
Gen. stiff through the body.
Chilly and worse from cold.
Craves warm drinks.
Hay fever.
"Dry heat during sleep, marked perspiration during the day or upon waking" but often perspiration is heavy all during attack.
Gen. < from eructation, flatus, vomiting. Right-sided complaints.
Sanguinaria: Bloodroot
Chilly and < from cold.
Gen. > from vigorous exercise and any occupation.
Gen. > in the evening.
Gen. < from 2 to 4 pm or 3 to 5 pm.
Gen. < before or during the menses.
Gen. < from pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion.
Gen. < coition or from frequent sex.
Chilly and < from cold weather.
Gen. < from drafts or from uncovering, even one limb.
Gen. < from suppressed sweat, most often the feet.
Weakness and fatigue. Collapse.
Delayed development in children.
Failure to thrive infants.
Glands enlarged.
Defects of bone, spine, air, nails, teeth, from poor metabolism. Sour perspiration.
Complementary: Puls, Fl-Ac., Thuja, Sanic.
Inimical: Merc.
General aggravation from smoke and tobacco.
Chest pain, worse motion or inspiration, worse lying on the left side. Better from warm drinks.
Spigelia: Wormgrass
Weakness, worse slight exertion, worse talking, better lying.
Gradual onset and gradual fading.
Gen. < after taking a nap in the daytime, esp. from an afternoon nap.
Sleepy all day but sleepless at night.
Trembling from anger or emotions.
Temper problems AND fears or nightmares.

Convulsions AND Fears.
Warm and < from heat.
< heat of bed. < in winter.
< 11am. < from standing.
< bathing. Sweats excessively.
Burning pains. < suppressed eruption or discharge..
General < from fumes and car exhaust.
Sulphuricum acidum
Gen. < at night, dreads the night b/c he knows he will feel miserable.
Bone pains.
Tremendous restlessness and better exertion.
Great > from music (loud, wild)and dancing.
Aversion to strong colors.
Tarentula Hispanica
Perspiration is oily and sweet-smelling or offensive.
Gen. amel. of chronic complaint during cold.
Hx of smallpox vaccine.
Chilly. Sleeps on left side.
Thuja: American Arbor Vitae.
Gen. < before storms. > in mountains, especially pine forests.
Night sweats.
Emaciation despite eating heavily.
Allergy to milk and cats.
Allergic reactions to shell fish.
Urtica Urens.
Cold and worse from cold.
Internal coldness
Weakness and collapse states.
Veratrum album
Gen. < from suppressed eruption. < from suppressed menses and better with the flow. Only feels well during menses.
Gen. < from wine.