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To allay fear and anxiety in case of profuse bleeding.
Hemorrhage. Blood of cherry red color, an accompanying panic, anguished restlessness. Thirst for cold or iced water.
Hemorrhage. Bleeding from mucous membranes or spontaneous bruising-purpura; and after injury
Mountain Tobacco.
Hemorrhage. Best for arterial bleeding where it comes out in swift spurts and is a bright, red color.
Hemorrhage. Great restlessness, anxiety and marked exhaustion.
Arsenicum Album
Hemorrhage. Blood bright red and hot, and clots readily; head hot and face red; pulse full and bounding.
Deadly Nightshade
Hemorrhage. Blood is dark and fluid; nausea and faintness, made worse by attempting to sit up, and headache worse least movement.
White Bryony
Hemorrhage. Bleeding is associated w/ symptoms of collapse, coldness of face, breath, tongue, legs and feet, clammy sweat & great desire for air. Seepage of dark blood.
Carbo Vegetabilis
Vegetable Charcoal.
Hemorrhage. Faintness, dimness of vision, ringing in ears and great weakness. Steady flow of darkish, almost brown, blood. Good for postpartum hemorrhage.
Peruvian Bark
Hemorrhage. Blood is very dark, almost black, and remains fluid.
Crotalus Horridus
A variety of rattlesnake.
Hemorrhage. Blood is bright red, clots readily, and flow is profuse.
Ferrum phosphoricum
Hemorrhage. Slow steady flow or persistent oozing of dark blood; exhaustion but no alarm or anxiety; bursting headache < on stooping. Venous bleeding. E.N.
Witch Hazel
Hemorrhage. Bleeding in gushes, bright red blood, associated severe nausea & dark bluish crescents below eyes, gasping respiration, cold sweats on covered parts & weak pulse. Nose-bleed & uterine-bleed.
Hemorrhage. Blood remains fluid with flakes like little bits of charred straw; patient is worse from heat and averse from anything tight round waist or neck.
Sluggish circulation. (Heat speeds up circ. and aggravates.)
Snakes are a tube. Pressure builds up in the "tube" with constriction.
Hemorrhage. Bleeding is bright red, in fits & starts, & persistent; feeling of emptiness & coldness in belly; thirst for cold drinks, craves ice or ice-cream. Polyps, Fibroids of uterus, spontaneous bruising. E.N.
Hemorrhage. Brisk flow of blood with dark clots, associated w/ pain extending from the pubic region backwards. Indicated in abortion.
Juniperus sabina
Hemorrhage. Intestinal hemorrhage accompanied by collapse, cold sweat on brow and air hunger.
Veratrum Album
White Hellebore.
Hemorrhage. Passive flow of dark offensive blood; patient is chilly but desires to be uncovered.
Secale Cornutum
(Not a test remedy.)
Contused Wound. Allays pain & promote the speedy absorption of the extravasated blood & greatly shorten the period of convalescence & disability. E.N.
Contused wound.
Contused Wound. Delay in the disappearance of the bruise, and especially if the part remains cold and numb.
Contused Wound.
Marsh Tea
Incised Wound. Cut superficial & no tendons are divided. Especially nerve rich areas. Finger tips. Crush injuries. Lancinating pain along nerves.
Incised Wound
St. John's wort
Incised Wound. Commonly indicated. Suppurating, raw, open & inflamed wounds; abscesses, boils, burns, carbuncles, fistula, whitlow. Very sensitive to open air.
Incised wound.
Incised Wound. Hypersensitive to pains from lacerations, surgical incisions, especially following abdominal operations.
Incised wound.
Delphininum Staphysagria
Incised Wound. Wounds fail to heal. Prolonged ecchymosis; prostration. J.K.
Incised wound.
Sulphuric acid
Contused Wound. Bruised, soreness. Deep tissue injuries. Pelvic region. Post-operative soreness. Joint injury, muscular soreness.
Contused wound.
Bellis Perennis
Lacerated Wound. Pains shooting centrally in the limb.
Lacerated wound
Open Wound. Sepsis, blood poisoning, even though antibiotic is being used. E.N.
Bruising to the eye. Eye pain, from trauma. Orbital fracture.
Comfrey. Knitbone.
Trauma to eye. Eye feels sore, bruised. Bloodshot.
< jarring.
Two remedies for nosebleed. E.N.
1st: Phosphorus.
2nd. Arnica.
Puncture Wounds.
1st remedy is ____
2nd choice if wound is painful with pains shooting up the limb.
1st: Ledum.
2nd: Hypericum.
Bite or sting, especially if reaction is severe. Alleviates pain, reduce swelling, counters effect of poison.
Bite or sting
Particularly useful for bee sting.
Bee sting with severe allergic reaction.
Bee Sting
Carbolicum acidum
Sting with burning and stinging with rapid swelling of part.
Sting or bite.
Sting which is very red, angry-looking and burning.
Sting with part which is burning and blue in color.
Tarantula cubensis
Cures skin sxs, with intensely burning lesions-(Anthracinum). Lesions: infection, abcesses, ulcers, eczema. Skin is often dark, purplish or mottled blue. Awful burning of whole body localizing to one spot.
Sting. Coldness of part w/ numbness or great sensitivity to touch and relief form cold applications.
Mad dog bite.
2 Remedies.
Belladonna later followed by Lyssin
Venomous bite. Comatose, with dusky face and pallor around the mouth.
Venomous Bite
Carbolicum Acidum
Venomous bite. Rapid grave development of toxic symptoms, much local swelling with many-hued discoloration of the skin and effusion of dark blood.
Venomous bite.
Crotalus Horridus.
Close resemblance to Lachesis, but w/ more tendency for hemorrhage & sepis.

Bleeding tendency w/ dark but unclotted blood.
Retinal hemorrhage.
Venomous bite. Much blueness of part and effusion of dark fluid blood.
Venomous bite.
Sluggish circulation.
Head Injury.
1st Remedy_____
2nd Remedy_____
1st: Arnica
2nd: Helleborus--unconsciousness, convulsion, stupor, indifference, chilliness
Cerebral Hematoma: Epidural or subdural symptoms.
1st remedy____
2nd remedy_____
Intracranial Bleeding
1st Remedy___
2nd Remedy____
Head Injury. Irritation within skull, stillness of neck muscles, dilated pupils, spasms or twitching of muscles, mental confusion.
Head Injury. Pain at back of the head with great heaviness of the eyelids and tremulousness of limbs.
Head Injury
Head injury. After injury, headache persists.
Natrum sulphuricum
Spinal Injury
1st remedy___
2nd remedy___
1st: Arnica
2nd: Hypericum
Sprains. < initial motion. > continued motion.
Rhus tox
Sprains. First remedy.
Sprain with damage to periosteum
Sprain. Joint in the neighborhood of injury becomes swollen and distended with fluid, and painful on least movement.
Intensely painful sprains or fractures which are worse from slightest movement.
Arthritis w/pains < from slightest motion.
Sprain. Part is cold and numb but feels better with cold applications and worse for heat.
Local irritation and pain develop at the insertion of the muscle involved.

2 Remedies. One better continue movement. One better no movement
Rhus tox < initial movement, > continued movement or Ruta < movement
Dental Remedies
4 Remedies
Arnica: tissue injury and bleeding.
Aconite: Fear
Calendula wash: tooth extraction
Pain: Hypericum
Motion Sickness. Fear of downward motion.
Motion Sickness.
Motion Sickness. Nausea associated w/loathing, or even thought, sight, smell of food; inclination to vomit is accompanied by copious salivation; giddiness and unsteady gait; utter prostration and "all gone" hollow feeling; must lie down
Motion Sickness. Seasickness.
True vertigo, the world seems to spin.
Great vertigo on watching moving objects or when watching objects while he is riding in a car or train.
Motion sickness: Horrible quesasy nausea, assoicated with splitting headache, often at back of head or over one eye, and loathing for food, tobacco, coffee; bloated feeling; much gagging, retching and ineffectual vomiting; wants warmth.
Nux Vomica
Motion Sickness. Persistent nausea with accumulation of water in the mouth; pain in stomach with feeling of great emptiness and relief if something can be eaten; vomiting and giddiness which is < from light or noise and on attempting to sit up; severe pain at back of head with stiffness of neck muscles; odd sensations in head.
Motion Sickness
Seasickness. Motion sickness. Airplane sickness.
Ravenous appetite during diarrheal conditions or after stool.
Diarrhea in daytime only.
Motion Sickness. Air sickness. Nausea and vomiting accompanied by complete loss of appetite; extreme giddiness on attempting to rise; severe frontal headache; scalp sensitive to touch; mouth and throat dry, unquenchable thirst.
Motion Sickness
Rhus Toxicodendron
Remedy Modalities:
< rest, cold & damp, before storm, chilled after overheating, suppressed sweat, after being soaked.
> heat, rubbing
Motion Sickness. Nausea, giddiness, death-like pallor, vomiting,icy coldness, sweats,utter prostration; terrible faint sinking feeling; head feels gripped by a tight band; made < by smell of tobacoo smoke.
Toothache. Pain after "filling"
Toothache. Throbbing pain with dry mouth. Gumboil
Toothache. Pain unbearable, aggravated by impact of cold air, also by taking anything warm into mouth and by drinking coffee.
Toothache. Pain is aggravated by heat and hot fluids, and temporarily relieved by holding ice-cold water in mouth.
Headaches. Neuralgia pain. Chronic fatigue syndrome. Emotional overreactions.
Toothache. Teeth very sensitive to touch; gums also sensitive and bleed easily.
Hepar Sulphuris
Oversensitivity to all external stimuli; especially pain.
Toothache: neuralgic type of pain; somewhat relieved by heat and hot fluids; toothache during teething in children
Magnesia Phosphoricum
Toothache: teeth tender, loose feel elongated; gums spongy, receding, bleed easily; alveolar abscess and pain < at night, breath foul; thirsty despite excessive salivation
Toothache: teeth ache and are sensitive to least touch < from contact with cold air relief while eating; teeth feel too long; flow of saliva

(Remedy not on study list.)
Toothache: Pain is unbearable; worse heat and hot fluids; better by holding cold water in mouth; mouth dry, no thirst
Heat Stroke
1st remedy___
2nd remedy___
1st: Glonoine/Nitroglycerin
2nd: Belladonna
Heat Exhaustion
1st remedy
2nd remedy
1st: Belladonna
2nd: Glonoine
Heat Cramps
Convulsion result of fright
Convulsion fit associated with drowsiness after vomiting or after stool, or with cholera infantum: pupils large and fixed; thumbs clenched; teeth clenched
Severe acutes w/ vomiting & diarrhea & extreme prostration, especially in newborns.
"Hippocratic" face, even in infants.
Intolerance of mil. The baby vomits large curds of milk; diarrhea from milk. (Nat-c, Lac-d, Sil.)
Convulsion: when the fits are worse by a hot bath or heat in any form, and associated with stiffness of neck muscles and a "meningitis cry."
Convulsion: sudden onset of fit, accompanied by blazing hot visage, burning skin, big staring pupils, violent movements, and aggravation by exposure to cold,to light, or by least jolt or jar
Convulsion: fit is brought on by fear, by being chilled or occurs during the night with icy coldness of body; fit accompanied by screams, gnashing of teeth and violent jerking of limbs.
Other neurological complaints:
Paralysis, esp. right side.
Slowly progressive paralysis.
Right-sided facial neuralgia, worse from wind.
Right-sided Bell's palsy, worse from cold winds (acon.)
Convulsion: fit is caused by anger or associated with teething and much peevishness, one check pale one burning red; hot sweat on face and head; thumbs clenched in palms
Convulsion: fit is brought on by any upset or by being punished, or in association with intestinal worms, grits teeth, clenches thumbs, exhibits chewing movements of jaw; turns onto belly
Convulsion: very violent convulsions; fingers flexed, thumbs clenched, jaws clenched, violent jerks and spasms; face and lips go blue; appearance of death after the fit; between fits patient is spiteful, violent and weepy.
Cuprum Metallicum
Convulsions: especially when fit is brought on by exposure to the sun; head hot and congested face dusky red; pupils small; fingers and toes not flexed but spread apart.
Convulsions: fit is caused by fright, or by worms, or comes on after eating; sudden irregular startings and twitchings; angular movements; frothing at mouth with a wild look
Convulsions: especially after emotional upset as from being punished; fits may occur in sleep; face deathly pale; twitchings start in face, then goes stiff all over, body cold; fixed staring look
Convulsions: violent spasms, may bend body backwards; cause may be fright; pupils very small, face dark red, mottled; child kicks off covers; worse hot room or hot bath.
Convulsions: very violent spasms; one sided convulsed, the other paralyzed; head jerked from pillow,; is afraid of dark but mad worse by bright light or by touch of liquid on lips
Temper problems & fears or nightmares.
Convulsions & fears.
Convulsions: when a fit face is blue, body becomes cold as marble, with beads of cold sweat on brow.
Convulsion: Veratrum Album
Convulsions: esp., if convulsions occur in association w/ infectious fevers, or suppressed eruptions; much rolling of head from side to side; ceaseless fidgety movements of feet and legs; much jerking in sleep; child is very cross before the attack.
Bilious Attacks: esp. when there is accompanying headache, and when the least attempt to move or to sit up intensifies the symptoms; thirst for large quantities of fluid, not cold, at long intervals; dryness of mouth or lips.
Bilious Attacks: Bryonia
Bilious Attacks: attack brought on by anger,grief, chagrin; nausea intensified by thought, sight or smell of food; inclination to vomit accompanied by profuse salivation; better lying flat and keeping quiet.
Bilious Attacks: Cocculus
Bilious Attacks: nausea & vomiting, both severe and persistent; nausea not relieved by vomiting; abundant flow of watery saliva; attack may follow over-indulgence in rich food; tongue remains clean; shivery and shudders; but worse either extreme of temperature
Bilious Attacks: Ipecacuanha
Bilious Attack: nausea and vomiting in alcoholics; stomach upset by mildest food; symptoms accompanied by blinding headache; yellow vomit.
Bilious Attacks: Kali Bichromicum
Bilious Attack: aftermath of overindulgence; nausea and vomiting; much retching and gagging; tongue like leather; foul taste in mouth; nausea in the morning; unduly irritable.
Bilious Attacks: Nux Vomica
Colic: especially when relief is obtained by bending forward
Colic: Belladonna
Colic: the pain is made worse by least movement, jar, touch or pressure; also worse form heat; patient lies motionless on back with knees drawn up.
Colic: Byronia
Colic: belly blown up and wind passed in small quantities without relief; better by application of local heat; colic of teething infants.
Colic: Chamomilla
Colic: writhes and twists in pain; can't keep still; some relief from hard pressure, also from passage of wind; attack may be associated with or brought on by emotional upset, especially anger.
Colic: Colocynthis
Colic: colic is better by heat, pressure and walking about; not relieved by belching ; infants lie and cry with lower limbs drawn up and are soothed by application of warm hand
Colic: Magnesia Phosphoricum
Colic: colic from over-eating; better when sitting, or lying down.
Colic: Nux Vomica
Constipation: absence of urge to pass stool; sits and strains till cold and trembling, and then passes a soft stool, or perhaps a lot of little balls, or very narrow stools.
Constipation: Alumina
Constipation so stubborn that the patient is impelled to assist the evacuation with his fingers.
constipation during pregnancy with great dryness of the rectum.
Constipation in newborns.
Severe constipation, usually w/o urge to stool.
Constipation: mouth, tongue, lips all are very dry; stools are dry, hard and black as if burnt; much thirst for large quantities of cold water;
Constipation: Bryonia
Constipation: much ineffectual urging to stool; even after passage of stool rectum does not feel properly emptied; too many laxatives taken in the past; tendency to bloating sensation; very chilly and may be irritable.
Constipation: Nux Vomica
Constipation: complete absence of urge to stool, perhaps for days on end; stools are composed of little hard balls; poor appetite; drowsy in daytime, sleepless at night with over-acute awareness of noises.
Constipation: Opium
Constipation: constant ineffectual urge to stool; stools hard and may slip back when partially expelled; anus seems closed by spasm of its muscles.
Constipation: Silicea
Constipation: frequent urge but inadequate evacualtion; stools hard, dry, black and only expelled by great effort with pain and burning; alternation of constipation and diarrhea.
Constipation: Sulphur.
Hay Fever: nose and eyes stream; sneezing is severe and of increasing frequency; lip and nostrils become sore; worse indoors, in morning, from contact with flowers and peach bloom
Hay fever: Allium Cepa
Hay fever: sneezing violent and painful; violent tickle at one particular spot inside the nose, not relieved by sneezing; profuse watery discharge which burns lip; worse change in weather; restless and worried
Hay fever: Arsenicum Album
Hay fever: constant sneezing; nose stuffed up, or nose and eyes strain; eyes swell and water, then nose runs; then eyes water again; worse open air, damp, being chilled when hot, contact with newly cut hay.
Hay fever: Dulcamara
Hay fever: much sneezing; discharge from nose is bland, but eye discharge is burning; throat often involved, with hard dry cough; worse open air, windy, lying down.
Hay fever: Euphrasia
Hay fever: violent sneezing, nose streams in morning and discharge is excoriating; eyes feel hot and heavy; much tingling in nose; throat dry and burning; swallowing causes pain in ears; face hot aching all over limbs feel heavy.
Hay fever: Gelsemium
Hay fever: prolonged distressive spells of sneezing; nose apt to be stuffed up at night; excessive irritation in nose, eyes, and face; itching extends to larynx and trachea; face feels as if close to a hot iron plate; chilly an irritable
Hay fever: Nux vomica
Hay Fever: Frequent spasms of severe sneezing; nose either stuffed up or running freely; much itching inside nose; eyelids red, face mottled; very sensitive to smell of flowers, fruit, garlic and other odors; extremely chilly; possibly associated with severe frontal headache or with bleeding from nose.
Hay fever: Sabadilla
Fever: skin dry and burning; face red but pale on sitting; chills which pass from extremities to the chest and head; intense chills which pass from the extremities; fear of death; worse thirst; great restlessness and agitation; evening and before midnight.
Fever: Aconite
Fever: absence of thirst; worse heat in any form; skin alternately dry and moist, but no heavy sweats; local patches of rosy swelling with burning and stinging sensation; frequent chills; possibly delirium or patient lies inert, face and eyes suffused, head rolled from side to side,
Fever: Apis
Glomerulonephritis. Nephrotic syndrome, with dramatic edema of the entire body.

Fever with alternating sweats and dry heat.
Fever: excessively restless and agitated; anguish, fear of death; worse after midnight; prostration rapid and extreme; burning pains but wants warmth (except head); hot and cold alternately, and thirsty when hot for small amts; possibly delirium with hallucinations
Fever: Arsenicum album
Fever: rapidly becomes gravely ill; temp. very irregular; highest at 11 am; bruised battered sensation, as if in pieces all over the bed; dusky face, mentally confused, torpid, drops to sleep while replying to a question; tongue streaked down center with white or brown. Enteric and typhus fever.
Fever: Baptisia
Fever: high temperature; skin burning hot; face blazing red; pulse bounding; belligerent delirium; severe chills; general sweats; hallucinations; variable thirst
Fever: belladona
Fever: shivering, sweating, thirsty for large amts of cold water at long intervals; severe pains. < least movement; face dusky red; tongue coated white; severe headache, < by false step, moving head, or coughing; painful cough; delirium at night, lies w/eyes closed, dwells on business affairs, asks to be taken home when in own bed all the time.
Fever: Bryonia
Fever: three-phase fever; chills and severe shaking give way to great heat, and this is followed by profuse sweating accompanied by intense thirst and prostartion; bitter taste in mouth.
Fever: China
Two classic complaints:
1) Complaints which follow loss of body fluids (hemorrhage, diarrhea, discharge from boils.)
2) Periodic fever
Periodic fever, malaria, even family history of malaria.
Fever: useful in the "influenza type" of fever; temperature highest at 7 to 9am; severe chills; terrific thirst; muscles ache and bones feel as if they would break; sweats, but not during the chill.
Fever: Eupatorium Perfoliatum
Fever: fever of rather indeterminate type; pulse rapid & full, but soft & compressible; moderate thirst; frequent sweats which afford no relief; shivering; red face; throbbing in the head; wants head cool.
Fever: Ferrum phosphoricum
High fever, often debilitating, and obvious inflammation of affected part, be it throat, stomach, lungs, etc. Yet there are only general and vague sxs.

High fever.
Fever but no localizing or individualizing sxs.
Fever: absence of thirst; chills up & down spine; head feels hot & full; headache < least movement, light or noise; wants to lie in dark & be quiet; torpor, trembling, possibly violent to the extent of wanting to be held down to stop the shaking; great heaviness of eyes and limbs.
Fever: Gelsemium
Fever: short chill accompanied by thirst; this is followed by heat all over except in the extremities which are icy cold and covered with clammy sweat; intense nausea, unrelieved by vomiting which causes great exhaustion; tongue clean.
Fever: Ipecacuanha
Whenever nausea and vomiting are prominent you must consider.... Most organ systems are affected in this remedy and usually a concomitant action on stomach.
Nausea & hemorrhage tendency (Uterine H.-keynote). Also Asthma or cough & vomiting.
Fever: onset of flu-type fever associated w/ naso-pharyngeal symptoms; fever brought on by change to humid weather; creeping chills; chilliness alternates w/burning heat; cold in patches; profuse sweats which give no relief; sxs < night; breath foul, tongue flabby, pale, indented by teeth, & coated yellow; extreme thirst despite the moist mouth.
Fever: Mercurius
Fever: fever & chills alternate; thirsty during hot spells hungry during chills; sweats at night or in early hours, esp. on head, hands and feet; chest involvement; delirium associated w/ exhaustion & apathy.
Fever: Phosphorus
Fever: fevers of septic type, w/ swinging irregular temperature, and frequent chills and rigors; pulse weak and rapid, even when temperature falls; aches & pains all over; extreme restlessness despite the weakness; tongue dry, red, as if varnished; all secretions have a foul odor; coldness and pallor of surface.
Fever: Pyrogenium (putrid meat)
Infection. Suppuration. Sepsis.
Keynote: Disparity btwn the pulse rate & the temperature. For example, the pulse is 140 though there is only a moderate fever or vice-versa.

Consciousness of the heart.
Fever: Fever w/ great weakness and prostration, but nevertheless restless in the extreme; constantly turns and tosses in vain search for ease; mental confusion; tongue thickly coated, but red at tip; great thirst.
Fever: Rhus Toxicodendron
Fever: very high temperature; furious delirium; red face; staring eyes; terrible hallucinations; desire to escape; worse in dark but cannot stand bright light.
Fever: Stramonium
Headache: sudden violent headache; as if "skull contents would be forced out oat the forehead"; as if "the skull sere constricted by a ligature"; much throbbing in temples, first on one side, then on the other; restless, anxious and thirsty.
Headache: Aconitum
Headache: sting, stabbing, burning pain; occasional sharp cries; head bent backward or bored into pillow; feels bruised and tender all over; < heat, warm room hot bath; > cold in every form; pain often occipital; patient alternately dry and hot or sweating.
Headaches: Apis
Headache: one-sided headache; pressive pain; head feels "much too large", desire for cold air and cold drinks; < mental effort, violent movement; > tight bandage.
Headache: Argentum nitiricum
Modalities of Remedy
< anxiety, apprehension, closed rooms, sugar, heat, cold food & drink, before & during menses.
> cold open air, hard pressure, eructations, bending double, cold-open air
Headache: bursting headache; violent throbbing, shooting; hot red face, dilated pupils; rush of blood to head; scalp very sensitive, pain comes suddenly & also ceases, abruptly; < least jar, movement, stooping, light lying down; > warm wraps to head, sitting upright, bending head backwards, firm pressure.
Headache: Belladonna
Headache: bursting, splitting, crushing headache; on attempting to sit up feels sick & faint; rush of blood to head, often with nose-bleed; drowsy, dry, peevish; hot flushed face; < least movement or disturbance, hot room, coughing, straining at stool; > lying quiet & motionless, firm pressure.
White bryony, wild hops
Headache: occipital headache associated with great heaviness of eyelids and limbs; vision blurred; hammering at base of brain; wants head high; feels exhausted, almost paralyzed; < mental effort, heat of sun, tobacco smoke; > by passage of large quantities of pale urine; not thirsty.
Headache: gelsemium
Headache: waves of terrible, bursting, throbbing pain, upward surges of hot blood; after-effect of exposure to hot sun; face purple or scarlet; < heat, sun, every pulse beat, false step, least jar, weight of hat, bending head back; > cool air or applications, lying sown with head high, holding head in hands after sleep.
Headache: Glonoinum
Headache: splitting headache, or as if "a nail were driven into skull"; nausea and sour vomiting; wakes up with it, or comes on after eating; associated with stomach or liver complaints; after-effects of over-indulgence in food or alcohol; face red, hot puffy; scalp sore to touch; < open air, movement mental effort; > warmth, lying down, overing head, warm moist weather
Headache: Nux Vomica
Headahe: periodic headache; pressive, distensive or throbbing; from eating ice-cream, rich food, or over-indulgence; feels nauseated and vomits sour food;head is hot and cool applications are desired; < moving eyes, looking up, stooping, > pressure, walking quietly in open air; weepy craves air; not thirsty
Headaches: Pulsatilla