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injecting drug users; shared needles and syringes from infected person, transfusion
HIV transmission/ spread
leading factor is casual unprotected sex
from infected mother to baby
window phase
chronic asymptomatic state
asymptomatic phase
stages of infection
point between exposure and infection with HIV and seroconversion. Abs are not detectable, asymptomatic
window phase
occurs within 2-4 weeks after initial exposure/infection-individual may be asymptomatic or may show symptoms that appear to be that of influenza. Viral load increases, Ab may not be detectable
primary or acute infection
increased Ab; begins 8days-10wks post HIV infection due to strong IR to the initial increased viral load.
virus actively replicates, CD4 cells contain viruses; asymptomatic period lasts between 6 mnths and more than 11 years
asymptomatic disease
nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, fever, night sweats, malaise, unexplained lethargy, fatigue...
Constitutional symptoms
involuntary weight loss of >10% baseline body weight
wasting syndrome