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Garden of Eden
Paradise created by God where Adam and Eve lived
Tree of Knowledge
tree whose fruit was explictly forbidden to Adam and Eve by God
great fathers of the bible
City in southern Mesopotamia; home town of Abraham
land near the east Meditereanian coast promised to Abraham by God' "Promised land"
Tower of Babel
giant structure built by the decendants of Noah to reach the clouds
location in Northern Mesopotamia which was home to Rebekah, Laban, Rachel and Leah; Jacob fled to here
place in Egypt where Jacob's family settled the became home to the enslaved Isrealites
Coat of many colors
gift from Jacob to Joseph that provoked the jealousy of his brothers
Coat of many colors
gift from Jacob to Joseph that provoked the jealousy of his brothers
southeastern end of the dead sea, place where Lot settled at the end of Abraham's journey
Jacob's ladder
a stairway of angels that appeared to Jacob in a dream; God promised Jacob that his descendants would posess the land on which he lay
brother of Rebekah; wife of Jacob whom he loved; mother of Joseph & Benjamin
Laban's elder daughter; Laban tricked Jacob into marrying her, had 7 chlidren
captian of Pharoah's gaurd who brought Joseph
Great flood
flood that was purposed to create another race of human beings from Noah's decendants
Joseph's oldest brother who tried to protect him from his brother's wrath
Rachel's son; Jospeh's youngest brother
brother of Jospeh whom he held hostage
brother of Joseph whose idea was to sell him; later he protected Benjamin
What are the 4 books of the Former Prophets in order
1. Joshua
2. Judges
3. Samuel
4. Kings
Copy this... Essay
Have you ever wondered what the teleology (purpose) of the Hebrew bible is? I believe that the teleology is to create a nation of Jews. Jacob's destiny was to be the ruler of the nation.
The 1st event leading up to his destiny was when God spoke to Rebekah, his mother. God told Rebekah that his 1st born would serve her 2nd son.