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King Williams War
[started when the French invaded the strongly Protestant German ][Louis against their alliance England]
Queen Ann's war
When Louis XIV attempted to extend his control over Spain by supporting his grandson as king
King George's War
British access to the West Indies trade as a result of the Utrecht caused tension with the Spanish.
George Washington
22 year old Virginia colonial. Led men towards the forks of the Ohio River.
Fort Duquesne
A fort at the Forks of the Ohio built by the French.
Guerilla Warfare
Sudden, surprise attacks by small groups from hidden positions.
Albany congress
attempted to establish political unnity when it met at Albany, New York in June 1754.
French catholics living in British-held Nova Scotia.
Edward Braddock
General who sent was sent to help Washington by British to defeat French at Fort Dequesne.
Marquis de Montcalm
A talented soilder and commander, engineered a series of stinging defeats on the British. Sent by French to command American forces.
William Pitt
Became Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1757
James Wolfe
General for Britain, won them the mouth of the St. Lawrence River.
Battle of the Plains of Abraham
British routed the French.
Treaty of Paris
(1763) removed French influence dramatically in North America. Britain gained control.
Ottawa Indian Chief who formed a confederacy of Indian Tribes. Raged wars against Britain.
Power of the Purse
the salaries for royal officials, military appropriations and taxes had to pass the scrutiny of elected office holders.
Proclomation Line of 1763
Forbade the colonist to settle beyond the Apps. Mnts.
Stamp Act Congress
Levied the first internal tax. Newspapers, diplomas, legal/commercial docs.
Sons of Liberty
people who opposed the taxes and based themselves off of Barres speech.
Refusals to buy British goods.
Boston Massacre
5 men shot by British troops
French colonies
claimed land rather than colonized, Frontiers in dense forest, Friends with Indians.
British colonies
colonized & had larger population, Frotiers were out in the open, not friends with Indians.
French advantage
Used Guerrilla warfare
French disadvantage
Small population
British advantage
outnumbered French 20:1
British disadvantage
lack of untiy among colonies
Quartering Act
Had to allow British soilders a place in your home and food.
Sugar Act
Molassas, coffee,sugar
Townshend Act
tea, paint, glass, lead.