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What 2 groups in Americ did not side with the Allies? Why not?
Irish Americans = they were anti-English
German-Americans - Hello, they were Germans!
What was the Proclamation of Neutrality?
Issued by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914 to urge the American people to be "neutral in fact as well as in name."
What is a U-boat?
German submarines.
Why did the US think the U-boats violated international laws?
With their unrestricted submarine warefare, the U-boats violated the "freedom of the seas'" which said 1)American merchant ships could trade with anyone during a wa, including belligerents, as long as they were not trading goods intended for war, and 2)Amercians had the right to sail on merchant ships of belligerents. The U-boats violated our rights of Neutrality and killed a lot of Americans.Before we entered the war, more than 200 Americans were killed on Allie merchant ships.
What is the "Lusitania" and why is it significant?
A British passenger liner.
The U-Boat sank it without first checking to see if it had war goods. It also didn't allow for the safety of the passengers and crew. More than 1000 were killed including 100 Americans. The Germans said the Lusitania did have war goods and that the Americans were warned in newspaper ad to stay off the ship. Puleease!!
What was the Susses Pledge?
A pledge made by the German government to not sink any merchant ship without frist trying to save the lives of the people on board. This was in respone to the u-boat sinking of the "Sussex," an unarmed French vessel. Several American passengers were injured. President Woodrow Wilson threatened to sever diplomatic relations, so they came up the pledge.
Why did Woodrow Wilson arm US Mercant ships?
The Germans believed they had enough U-Boats to starve Britain and so they risked war with America by reinstating the "unrestricted submarine warfare."