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Greenbury Logan
Free African American who fought in the Revolution
Prince Carl of Solms-Braunsfel
Led Germans to the Guadalupe and Comal rivers.
Circut riders
Traveling preachers
Jose Antonio Navarro
Tejano who served in the TX Congress
Henri Austin
Operator of the first steamboat on a Texas River
Private schools at the high school level
Religious groups of similar beliefs.
Henri Castro
Brought immigrants from France to Texas
Juan Seguin
Mayor of San Antonio from 1840 to 1842.
Ashworth Act
Law that said Africans could stay in Texas at the time of the Declaration of Independance
Mier expedition
An invasion of Mexico by rebellious troops in 1842
James Pickney Harrison
Texas diplomat sent to Europe in 1837
Archives War
Struggle over attempt to move government records
Adrian Woll
Mexican General who captured San Antonio in September 1837
Alcee Loius La Branche
U.S representitive sent to Texas in 1837
Angelina Eberly
Leader in the Archives war
Alexander Somervell
General sent by Houston to pursue General woll
The counrty which Texas wanted to recognize its independence was-
The Mier expedition was-
More successful than expected
France and Great Britan helped bring peace with Mexico because-
An independent Texas would slow U.S expansion
The most serious issue during the Anson Jones administration was-
The question of annexation to the U.S
The disastrous Santa Fe expedition was sent in order to-
Expand Texas Control in the west
Thomas J Rusk
President of the convention of 1845
Elisha M. Pease
Popular governer who was elected in 1853
John Tyler
Strong supporter of annexation
Manifest destiny
The belief that U.S. was supposed to spread across North America
Jane McManus Cazneau
Writer whose collums helped turn northern opinion
Every two years
James pickney Henderson
First governor of the state of texas
Hardin Runnels
Candidate who defeated Sam Houston for governor
James K polk
U.S. president who asked Congress in 1845 for a joint resolution
Jose Antonio Navarro
The only native Texan in the convention of 1845
Typical cash crop grown by many Texas farmers
Most imporant food crop grown by Texas Farmers
Important animals that grew as the damand for wool grew
Thomas Affleck
Well known agricultural expert
Cotten belt
Southern region of U.S that grew most of the counrties cash crop
Held at least 20 slaves
Texas second valuable export
Aaron Ashworth
Free African American who owned a large ranch
Backbone of the Texas Economy
Machine found in most Texas Towns
With the support of governor Elisha M _____, the Texas state legislature set aside $2 million as a school fund
One-room, log-cabin schools were common in rural areas in Texas where _____ was available
Even in the early grades, some Texas schools taught anchient world history and languages such as Latin and _____
Baylor university was founded by the ______ Church in 1845
In 1851 the catholic church in ____________, Texas, founded the Ursilene Academy for girls
San Antonio
Several Religous denominations in Texas stayed in touch with their often isolated membership by publishing_________
The ___________ Register had the largest circulation of any Texas newspaper
Texas & Telegraph
The _________ allowed people to communicate across cast distances
Swedish settler _________ had a large book collection
Swante Palm
Eugenie ________ was a famous painter in France before she moved to Texas
Dark,thick, liquid fossil fuel which kerosene is made
Fossil fuel
Fuel formed underground
Edwin Drake
Person responsible for first major U.S oil Strike
Lyne T. Barret
Struck oil, had to shut down cause of lacking funds
Towers that drill for oil
Factory where crude oil is refined
Spindle Top Strike
1901 oil strike, marked the beggining of oil boom
Texas City who was home to more than 500 oil companies
J.S. Cullinan
Texas Fuel company founder
Humble oil company
Oil company bought by Standerd Oil Company
The Spanish had established cattle_______, or ranches, in Mexico in the 1500's
Texan Martin de Leon owned a huge cattle ranch in present-day ________ County
The Spanish governmant ordered cattle owners to put _______, or identification on cattle
_______ ranchers staged the first cattle frives in Texas
East Texas was close to cattle markets in ________, while Central and South Texas had rich prarie grasses and moderate climates
New Orleans
After ______ was discovered in California, some Texans drove cattle west to help feed the growing numbers of miners
cattle _____, or thieves, were a threat to ranchers' herds
The ________ breed of cattle developed as spanish breeds mixed with english cattle brought by U.S settlers
This new breed of cattle was resistant to the cattle disease commonly known as________
Texas Fever