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This group invaded India about 1200 BC..they later invaded it
The Aryans
Loved war
The Aryans
These people were from the area in and around present day Russia
These ______ destroyed man of the advancements that had been made by the early Indians
The Aryans
Were light skinned
Holy books of the areas
The Vedas
Contained hymns, poems, legends, prayers and religious practices of the Aryans
The Vedas
The Aryans developed a ____ _____
caste system
strict class system
caste system
Highest class
The Brahmans
The Brahmans were made up of what people and their families?
The priests and their families
What were the priest's jobs?
To study and teach the Vedas
What people made up the second highest class?
Rulers and warriors
Group that led the army and governed
The second highest class made up of rulers and warriors
The third class was made up of ____ and ____
artisans (skilled workers) and merchants
Included land-owning farmers
The third class
The fourth class was made up of _____ _____, ______ and ______
unskilled workers, servants and peasant farmers
The lowest group was called ___ or ______
"outcasts" or "untouchables"
Did not belong to any class
The lowest class or untouchables
This religion developed mainly from Aryan religious beliefs
Became and still is the largest religious group in India
Had no single founder
Hinduism believes that _____ and ____ have ____, therefore _____ should not be hunted, killed, harmed or eaten
animals and people have souls, therefore animals
The supreme, universal and eternal spirit is
What is the goal of Hindus?
To unite with Brahman
This is accomplished by being ________ many times until _________ is reached
reincarnated until perfection is reached
Some people will never reach _____ and will continue to be reincarnated
The form a person takes in reincarnation is determined by a person's _____
What is karma?
his behavior in this life and in any previous lives
The ___ is the most sacred animal
There are _________ of Hindu gods (also called __)
hundreds, also called polytheism
_____ adopted the caste system from the ____
Hindus from the Aryans
The Hindus adopted the ___ _____ from the Aryans
caste system
Hindus believed a person born into a certain caste because of his _____
Placed a strong emphasis on the ____ _____
caste system
A person remained in the class of his ____
Marriage out of your class was __ ________
not allowed
Rarely was _______ with someone of another class _________
eating with someone of another class allowed
In recent years, the government of India outlawed catrgorizing people as an
Today, the caste system exist bit is weaked, it is strongest in the ____ ____
rural areas
The most sacred river is the ___ ____
Ganges River
This religion began in India about 500 BC
Who was the founder of Buddhism?
Prince Siddhartha Gautama
Was an Indian prince who became very discontent with Hinduism
Siddhartha Gautama
He was later called the Buddha
Prince Gautama
The Buddha means
"the enlightened one"
Who rejected the caste system?
Prince Gautama
Who did not believe in the many Hindu gods?
Prince Gautama
____ believes in reincarnation as does___
Buddhism as does Hinduism
Goal is to reach nirvana
Believes suffering is caused by our desires
Nirvana can only be achieved by knowing _ _________ and following the ______________ ______
the four noble truths and following the eightfold path
Hinduism and Buddhism both believe in _________-
Hvae goal of reaching a state of peacefullness and perfection
Hinduism and buddhism
Believe that a person's reincarnated state is determined by ther person's karma
Buddhism and Hinduism
In Buddhism, state of perfection is callled
In Hinduism, state of perfection is called
union with Brahman
Believes in caste system
Does not believe in the caste system
Hinduism has ________
no single founder
Buddhism has ______ ______
one founder
Today, Buddhism has ____ major branches
One worships _____ as a ___, even though he never claimed he was a god
Buddha as a god
The other believes _______ was a great _____ who was ____ a god
Buddha was a great teacher who was not a god
Today in India, there are relatively few
Most popular today in ____, ____and ____ and other parts of East Asia
Japan, China and Korea
Who ordered the connecting and extending of these wals and towers that resulted in the Great Wall of China?
Qin Shihuangdi
Was a member of the ___ dynasty and therefore often called ___ __________
Quin, Quin Shihuangdi
The first leader to unify most of ancient China, which lasted for only a few years
Name means "First Emperor"
Often ruthless
Shihuangdi, the first emperor
Earlier, CHinese leaders had built some _____ and ___________ to keep out _____ _____ that invaded CHina from the __
walls and watchtowers to keep out nomadic invaders that invaded China from the North
How far did the Great Wall of China cover?
14,000 miles
Who did the work on the Great wall?
thousands of peasants and prisoners
What was discovered in Shihuandi's tomb?
thousands of pottery (terra cotta) soldiers
Chinese teacher and philosopher
His saying are now well-known
He emphasized respect for ______ especially for parents and other elders
family, Confucius
The religion of Confucianism has _____ of followers today-primarily ________
millions, primarily Chinese
Religious group that started in China
Daoism or Taeism
Dao means "__ ___"
the way
Daoism ephasizes living a ________ ___
simple life
__________ _______-very important part of ancient Chinese culture
Ancestor worship
The route that caravans and traders followed from China tothe Mediterranean Sea beginning about A.D. 100
Silk Road
Goods such as __________ ___ were sent along this route
Chinese silk
Written records began about _____ B.C.
The collapse of the ________ ________ ________ marked the end of ancient history
western Roman Empire
The MIddle Ages were from _____ A.D. to ______ A.D.
The Middle Ages were also called
The Medieval Period
The first half of the period is sometimes called the _____ Ages
_____ forces brought an end to the Middle Ages-name these
Three-The Renaissance, the Reformation and the Exploration Period
Modern History- A.D ---- to the present
Name for the eastern part of the Roman Empire
What was the capital of the Byzantine Empire?
what existed until A.D. 1453?
The byzantine empire
The capital was the city of ___________ which was named by _________, earlier had been called____________
Constantinople, which was named by Constantine, earlier had been called Byzantium
Because of _______'s location, it became a trading center
Constantinople, or Istanbul or Byzantium
Today it is called ________ and is in present day Turkey
Istanbul (Constantinople)
Because of ______'s location, it became a ________ ______
Constantinople, a trading center
_______________ was well defended
Had triple walls
Ruled the Byzantine Empire from A.D. 527 to 565
Dreamed of ______ and ______ the entire Roman empire
Justinian, reuniting and reviving
Reconquered a portion of the western empire that had fallen under the control of "barbarian" tribes
Good news
Reconquered a portion of the western empire that had fallen under the control of "barbarian tribes"
In the process of reconquering, many cities (including ____ were destroyed and had to be _______ *good or bad news?
Rome, rebuilt
This fighting drained the _________ ______ *good or bad news?
Byzantine treasury *bad news
Most of the areas reconquered were conquered again by _______ shortly after Justinian's death *good or bad news
barbarians, bad news
Name Justinian's greatest accomplishment
Simplifying and reorganizeing the laws of the empire
The revision of the laws were called ____ _______ ___ _______
The Code of Justinian
______________ ________ later used this code to set up their legal sustems
European countries
The dominant Christian church in the area where the western part of the Roman Empire had existed was the ______ _____ ________ (headed by the ____
Roman Catholic Church, headed by the Pope
The dominant church in the BYZANTINE EMPIRE was the ______________ ____
Eastern Orthodox church
This church also became the leading church in Russia (called the Russian Orthodox church_
Eastern Orthodox
Called the Greek Orthodox Church
Eastern Orthodox
Called the Russian Orthodox church
Eastern church
Built by Justinian
Hagia Sophia
Beautiful Christian church in Constantinope
Hagia Sophia
Today is a museum
Hagia Sophia
Constantinople was overthrown by a tribe called the
Ottoman Turks (they were Muslims
What happened A.D. 1453?
Constantinople was overthrown by the Ottoman TUrks and the Byzantine empire ended this year
By 1800's, many Slavs had settled in __
Later _____ moved into Russia
______ eventually merged with the _
Vikings with the Slavs
Were also called Norsemen or Northmen
The word Russia probably came fro mthe name of a _____ tribe, the ___
Viking tribe, the Rus
A group of nomadds from the present day area of Mongolia
located between Russia and China
In A.D. 1240, they conquered ___
______ were allowed to govern their area as long as they ____ _____ to the Mongols-the Mongols frequently allowed conquered people to do this
Russians-as long as they paid tribute to the Mongols
By A.D. 1500 ----- was able to break away from -------
Title for Russian rulers
Also spelled "tsar"
Russian word for Caesar
What happened in AD 500?
Ancient History lasted up until this date
The Middle Ages were from what towhat?
AD 500-AD 1500
Modern history runs from
AD 1500-present