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What were the ricks with coming to America?
Dieseas,venturing, weather native hostility
sickness failing climate
Why 1492?
That is when we came to amica
why Colonize?
religionity,freedom new oppertun
Competitors nations
Spain France England Neatherlands and Portual
Biggest Rival?
england and France
Who Came?
Puritians and the Sepretists
What bout Roleno?
1687 they came over and noone knows what happened to them
First successfulu cannabulism
colonization 1607 Very high mortality
John Rolfe?
Experimented witt tabbocc
John Smith
was a mediator with the indians
when the son inherited the fathers land after he passed awaay
What the difference between indentured slave and a slave?
Indentured slaves had a contract they had a choice of wether or not they wanted to do this. Slaves were forced into
What held Europe back?
plauge lack of technology
They wouild often rip people off by telling them that they had to pay money to save a spot in heaven
Martin luther
was a monk knew of many things that were happening with clegy men and women
-was branded a heritic
what is Prestian reformation?
Wanted the bible to be in words that evryone could red
King Henry`
had many wifes but killed mos t of them. Tried to divorce one nad the pope wouldn't allow it so he started his own church(The Church of Englad) they were protistan
what supplies did each colony bring?
New England- Fish lumber
Middle region(PA,NY,NJ)-Agriculture
Lower South(Ga)-cotton and indego
what are different between the puritians and seperatists?
Puritians- refoen and corret eh angligen church
Seperatists- Wanted nothing ot od with the church