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What is the difference between the Egyptian and Greek Sphinx?
Egyptian sphinx - head of king, body of lion. Greek sphnix - head of female on lion's body; sometimes had wings. Both ask victims riddles they can't answer.
What is a Manticore?
MIddle Eastern cousin of the sphinx. Head of a person, body of lion, tail shoots arrows, 3 rows of teeth; also asks questions.
What is the Basilisk?
King of Snakes with wings. One look brings instant death.
What is fact and what is fallacy about of the Mandrake?
Mandrake root does exist, but legend is that it screams horribly.
What is the apple of Sodom and the zieba?
Apple of sodom - turns to ashes in your hand. Zieba is a tree with shingle bark that is full of ppl.
When was the first mention of the unicorn?
Ctesias, Greek Historian 398 BC - one year after Socrates executed. Plato was a young man. Ctesias wrote that the unicorn lived in India.
Describe the unicorn.
Aloof from human affairs; beautiful; as large or larger than a horse; horn 1/2 meter long; filings of horn poison antidote. Model = Rhino.
What would a cup made from the horn of a unicorn cure?
Who were the 70?
The 70 were a group of scholars that wanted to translate the books of the Old Testament from Hebrew into Greek.
How did the word unicorn appear in the Bible in 1610?
It came from the Hebrew 're'em', which dissapeared from Hebrew. It referred to an animal. They chose monokeros (one horn) Close to Syrian "rimu" meaning auroch/wild ox?
How did the unicorn legend carry on? Explain the Unicorn in Arabic, Jewish and Christian myths.
Ancient authorities (Pliny the Elder) promoted it. In Arab mythology it was HUGE (pierces elephants), Jewish it rested horn on the ark, Christian it was pacified by virgin.