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James Watt
invented the steam engine
Black Legend of industrial revolution
the legend was that people went from clean farms to dirty factories and didn't like it
Younger Pitt
On the verge of French Revolution and didn't know it
Port Spithead
where English mutinies were breaking out
Port Antwerp
French began the war by occuping this port in Belgium. English feared it would destory London economically and could be used as a launching point for invasion
General Grant
did not fare so well in the Battle of Shiloh
Battle of Shiloh
Where General Grant suffered heavy losses
Treat of Amies
Brought peace between France and England and stopped the 15 years war for a year
Battle of Trafalgar
French navy got PWNED, Admiral Nelson fought in it
Admiral Nelson
English officer who was noted for his involvement in the Battle of Trafalgar. He ignored orders and won
Battle of the Nile
Nelson won again by going close to the shore
Why was there no Industrial Revolution in France?
Missing workers when they're in army, not enough money, war
Great French military tactician. Invaded Spain, Russia, exiled to Island of St. Helena
Battle of Waterloo
Napoleon defeated for good. Barely any British there
Protestant Reformation
people began to question the kings
John Locke
wrote books, said there was a contract between the King and its people. Liberal, believed in tabula rasa
Tabula rasa
"blank slate"
Conservative, said people were born flawed and couldn't change
Battle of Plassey
100,000 indians vs. 10,000 British. British still win
How did the US cavalry defeat the Indians?
The tribes hated each other, the US fought one tribe at a time, Indians had no strategy, cavalry always attacking
Admiral Macartney
British navy, supposed to go to China and set up trades. brought weapons and stuff. Chinese said society more important
people who opposed losing jobs to machinery
massacre that occurred when cavalry charged a huge group of people gathered to try to repeal corn laws. 11 people were killed
Sir Robert Peel
Created the first police force in history. Amazingly smart.
What were Pitt the younger's two problems?
Ireland's hostility and Electoral Reform
great speaker and catholic. Always on the fringe of breaking the law. Run for congress and won
liberal party
Lord Russell
More liberal/radical
Earl Grey
had to pass law to change electoral boundaries and couldn't pass it through House of Lords.
where Peel made a speech
Workhouse test
find out how desperate people are, separates them from their families
English philosopher who said there is an answer to everything and that we have to throw away all the old ideas.
Potato Famine
Kills many Irish, they blame England from now on
Karl Marx
German, founder of Communism
Communist, wrote a book predicting an uprising in England
Chart means "to petition"
Queen Victoria
Era was named after her, she didn't do anything but she was an important symbol
Crimean War
War between England and Russia. First war that had newspapers covering it, really brought it home to people
William Russell
First news correspondent in history, covered the Crimean War