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Christopher Columbus
was sponsored by the Spanish, landed in San Salvador (not American mainland), did this in 1492
Vasco de Balboa
1513) First to encounter Panama and Pacific Ocean from the East side
Ponce de Leon
(1513) Left Puerto Rico and went on a voyage to find the “Fountain of Youth” and gold; touched Florida, Governor of Puerto Rico
Ferdinand Magellan
First to circumnavigate the world (1519-1521)
Hernando Cortes
(1521) Led an army into the American Mainland/ He was looking for new lands for Spain to claim (central Mexico- Aztecs)
Francisco Pizarro:
(1535) Landed in Equator/ went to Peru/ encountered the Incas!
Prince Henry the Navigator:
Sponsored the first English voyage
John Cabot
Sailed under the British flag (1497) English/ First to hit American mainland (Maine)/ in search of Northwest Passage
Amerigo Vespucci:
(1507) Spaniard/ Man America was named after/ landed on Brazil/ discovered that North America and South America were not part of Asia
Henry Hudson
(1607) Dutch, Hundson River Valley
Giovanni Verrazano
(1524) French, Carolinas and NY Harbor
Samuel de Champlain
(1604) French, Traveled to Quebec then to NY
Northwest Passage
A water route linking the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean (England with Asia)
warlike people of central Mexico/ 5 million in empire/ advanced gov’t
of Peru/ conquered native people/ assimilated the peoples’ they conquered culture into their own