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What was the Bastille?
fortress built to protect paris- used as prison
Who made up the 1st estate?
members of clergy, moks, priests, arch bishops
What kind of oath did the National Assembly take?
swore not to sperate until they had written a constitution for France
What was the Estates General?
legislative body that included representatives from each of the 3 Estates
Who made up the 3rd Estate?
peasants, bourgeise
Who were the bourgeoisie?
lawyers, doctors, merchants, manufacturers
What was the National Assembly?
formed by
Voting rights in the Estates General...
each estate voted once- third was always outvoted
What was the storming of the Bastille?
crowd killed guards& administrators, and captured the munitions. 3rd Estate saw Bastille as a symbol of political oppression
Who was Robespierre?
Chief leader of the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror
What committee did he head?
Committee of Public Safety
What was the Reign of Terror and when did it end?
anyone suspected of oppossing those in power were arrested
What group took power after Robepierre's death?
The Directory
What was the guillotine and why was it used?
executed people who were suspected as enemies of France
At what battle was Napoleon defeated?
Positive effects of Napoleon;s reign
reformed tax system, promotion in government/military based on achievement, Code Napoleon, religious freedom.
Where was Napoleon first exiled to?
Elba, off the coast of Italy
Where was Napoleon finally exiled to?
St. Helena
What was the Napoleonic Code?
stressed equality of everyone before the law, religious freedom, and reformed taxes
Napoleons lasting legacies...
Code Napoleon
Unions worked to change these conditions...
long hours, poor work conditions
Where did most people live and work before the Industrial Revolution?
Why were kids used in factories?
less pay
Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in Great Britain?
natural resources, large labor force, business people had capital to buy machinary, 2 large markets waiting to buy goods, parliament was supportive, mobile society
Describe working conditions during the Industrial Revolution...
worked far apart,owners couldnt know if they were really working, long time
Form of imperialism (protectorate)
weak country under the protection and partial control of a strong country
Form of imperialism (sphere of influence)
regions within a country where the economic interests of a foreign country are supreme
Who was Prime Minister of Germany under William I (Wilheim)
Otto vo Bismarck
How did Bismarck plan to unify Germany?
"Blood and Iron"
Causes of World War I...
Industrialization and nationalism