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a political system headed by a dictator that calls for extreme nationsalism and racism and no tolerance of opposition
a national policy of actively trading with foreign countries to foster peace and prosperity
benito mussolini
founded italys fascist party
vladmir lenin
leader of Bolshevik Party; overthrew the russion gov't; established a communist gov't
joseph stalin
new soviet leader; began massive effort to industrialize his country; killed 8-10mill. peasants bc of opposition
adolf hitler
anticommunist; admirer of mussolini; founded nazi party
accepting demands in order to avoid conflict
sudden violent offensive attack; "lightening war"
winston churchill
replaced nevil chamberlain as prime minister of britain
"night of broken glass"
nuremberg laws
took citizenship away from jew germans and banned marriage btwn jews and germans
ss st. louis
took 930 jew refugees to havana, cuba
wansee conference
held in a berlin suburb to determind "final solution of the jew ?"
munich conference
britain and france agree to hitler's demands; appeasement
neutrality act of 1939
US didn't want to get involved with europe's problems
cost plus system
a gov't contract to pay a manufacturer the cost to produce an item plus a guaranteed perctange
liberty ships
basic cargo ship used by US during WWII
reconstruction finance corps
congress set it up to make loans to banks, railroads, agricultural instutions
war production board
created by roosevelet; had authority to set priorities and production goals and to control the distribution of raw materials and supplies
douglass MacArthur
american commander; decided to retreat to the baatan peninsula
a gellied gasoline used for bombs
doolittle raid
16 b-25s bombed japan and then the carriers landed in china
pearl harbor
dec. 7, 1941
"double V"
african american victory over hitler's racism and over racism at home
bataan death march
nearly 78,000 prisoners of war were forced to march-sick, exhauseted and staving-64 miles to a japanese prison camp
iron curtain
seperation communist nations of eastern europe from west
satellite nation
communist countries of europe
where truman met stalin to work out a deal on germany
yalta conference
roosevelt, churchill and stalin meeting to plan the postwar world
marshall plan
gave european nations american ait to rebuild their economies
truman doctrine
policy; goal was to aid "free people who are resisting attemtpted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures".; stablize the greek gov't and ease soviet demands in tukery
a mutual defense alliance