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inalienable rights
life liberty and the pursuit of happiness
French an Indian war
a conflict in north america lasting from 1754-1763, that was part of a world-wide struggle between France and britain that ended with the defeat of France and the transfer of french canada to britan
colonists who supported american imdependence/colonists who supported british loyalty
declaration of independence
the document, written by thomas jeffereson in 1776, in which the delegates of the continental congress declared the colonies' independence from britain
revolutionary war
a war fought between america and the british for american independence
federalists and anti federalists
people who supported/did not support the constitution and a strong national government
causes of american revolution
taxation without representation, stamp act, townshend acts, intolerable acts, boston massacre
john marhsall
chief justice of the U.S- made several rulings that blocked state interference in business and commerce
presidents 1776-1870
virginia dynasty
made the louisiana purchase
war of 1812, embargo act?
XYZ affair?, alien and sedition acts, kentucky resolutions(nullification), growing threat of sectionalism
judiciary act of 1789
a law that established the federal court system and the supreme court and that provided for the appeal of certain state court decisions to federal court.
marbury vs madison
an 1803 case in which the supreme court ruled that it had the power to abolish legislative acts by declaring them unconstitutional ; this power became known as judicial review
XYZ affair
a 1796 incident in which french officials demanded a bribe from U.S diplomats