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What happened in the year 1914?
The Great War Begins
What happened in 1915?
-May-German submarine sinks Lusitania
-allies attack Gallipoli
-Armenian Genocide
What happened in 1916?
What hapened in 1917?
-February, Tsar Nicholas II abdicates the throne, power struggle between WSD and provisional government
-April 16, U.S. enters Great War on side of allies
-April, Lenin arrives in Russia in a sealed train
-September, all-Russian National Congress of Soviets meet
-October 24, Bolsheviks storm Winter Palace
-October 25, Lenin and Bolsheviks have control of Russia
What happened in 1918?
-Russia taken out of Great War
-March 3, Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
-November 11, Germany accepts armistice-Great War is over.
What happened in 1919?
Weimar Constitution ratified
May 4th Movement
Treaty of Versailles
What happened in 1920?
End of Russian Civil War: reds victorious
Munich Rebellion
Treaty of Sevres
Nazi's 25 Point Program
What happened in 1921?
Hitler becomes chairman of NSDAP
Mao Zedong creates CCP
NEP established
35 fascists have seats in Italian Parliament
Lenin institutes NEP
What happened in 1922?
Washington Conference
Mussolini appointed prime minister
What happened in 1923?
Nazi Party tries to overthrow Weimar
Treaty of Lausanne
French troops occupy Ruhr valley
USSR is established with a new constitution
Guomindong and CCP unite
What happened in 1924?
Lenin dies
Hitler writes Mein Kampf
What happened in 1925?
Sun Yatsen dies: Jiang Jieshi takes over
Suffrage laws passed in Japan
What happened in 1926?
Mussolini becomes dictator
CCP makes up 1/3 of the Guomindong
What happened in 1927?
Jieshi turns against CCP
Chinese Civil War begins
What happened in 1928?
U.S. withdraws capital from Europe
Kellogg-Briand Pact
Stalin becomes dictator
What happened in 1929?
Stalin implements First Five-Year Plan
Oct. 24 U.S. stock market crashes
What happened in 1930?
Prime minister of Japan murdered
What happened in 1931?
Japan invades Manchuria
Stalin stops First Five-Year Plan, declaring success
What happened in 1932?
Nazi Party is largest in Reichstag
FDR is elected president of the U.S.
What happened in 1933?
Compulsory sterilization laws in Germany
Japan withdraws from League of Nations
Germany withdraws form League of Nations
FDR becomes president
Jan. 30 Hitler appointed chancellor by President Hindenberg
Feb. 17 Warning issued to Prussian Police about communist terrorists
Feb. 27 Reichstag fire
Mar. Enabling Law
May. 10 Mass book burning, ordered by Goebells
What happened in 1934?
What happened in 1935?
Nuremberg Laws
Abortions sanctioned in Germany
Italy invades Ethiopia
Start of Stalin's Great Purge
German rearmament
What happened in 1936?
Berlin Olympics
Spanish Civil War begins
Keynes publishes book on Keynesian economics
What happened in 1937?
Sino-Japanese war begins
Rape of Nanjing
Peel Report- Palestine divided into two states
What happened in 1938?
Italy unites with Germany to form Axis Powers
End of Stalin's Great Purge
Mar. Anschluss
Sept. Munich Conference
Nov. Kristallnacht
What happened in 1939?
Spanish Civil War ends
White Paper issued- Jewish immigration into Palestine limited
Italy annexes Albania
Germany undertakes compulsory sterilization and murder
Mar. Germany occupies Czechoslovakia
May Pact of Steel
Aug. Treaty of Non-Aggression
Sept. 1 Germany invades Poland
What happened in 1940?
Italy enters war to help Germany militarily
April Germany invades Norway and Denmark
May Germ occupies Belgium and Netherlands
Jun. France signs armistice: Vichy government collaborates
Battle of Britain begins
What happened in 1941?
Japan occupies French Indochina with the help of the Vichy
Balkans surrender to Germans
War spreads to North Africa
Jun. Operation Barbarossa
Dec. Germany captures Moscow
Dec. 7 Japan bombs Pearl Harbor
Dec. 8 U.S. declares war on Japan
Dec. 11 Hitler declares war on U.S.
What happened in 1942?
U.S. victory at Midway
Wannsee Conference
U.S. troops fight in Africa
Feb. Japanese conquer Singapore
What happened in 1943?
Soviet troops recapture Stalingrad
What happened in 1944?
Jun. 6 D-Day
What happened in 1945?
Feb. Yalta Conference
Feb. British firebomb Dresden, Germany
Mar. Allies firebomb Tokyo
Apr. Soviets approach Berlin
Apr. 12 FDR dies: Truman becomes president
Apr. 30 Hitler commits suicide in Berlin
May. 8 Germany surrenders unconditionally: V-E Day
Jul. Patstam Conference
Aug. 6 U.S. drops atom bomb on Hiroshima
Aug. 8 USSR declares war on Japan
Aug. 9 U.S. drops atom bomb on Nagasaki
Aug. 15 Japan surrenders: V-J Day
Sept. 2 War is officially over
United Nations is established
What happened in 1946?
What happened in 1947?
U.N. partitions Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state
What happened in 1948?
Arab states attack Israel