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Week One
1. Creation
2. The Fall in the Garden
3. Cain and Abel
4. The Flood
5. Tower of Babel
6. Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt by Pharoah Menes
7. The Old Kingdom in Egypt
8. First Intermediate Period in Egypt
Week Two
9. Minoan Culture
10. Call of Abram
11. God's Covenant with Abraham
12. Hagar and Ishmael
13. Sodom and Gommorah
14. Birth and Sacrifice of Isaac
15. The Middle Kingdon of Egypt
16. Joseph as a Slave
Week Three
17. Famine in Egypt
18. The Twelve Tribes of Israel
19. Second Intermediate Period in Egypt
20. Code of Hammurabi
21. Hyksos Invasion of Egypt
22. Early New Kingdom in Egypt
23. Moses' Birth
24. Plagues in Egypt
Week Four
25. The Exodus
26. Ten Commandments
27. Mycenaean Culture
28. Amenhotep IV and Monotheism
29. Reign of Tutankhamon
30. Later New Kingdom in Egypt
31. Trojan War
32. Phoenician Civilization and the Alphabet
Week Five
33. Davidic Kingdom
34. Solomon's Reign
35. Israel Divides into Two Kingdoms
36. Homer and Greek Mythology
37. The Olympics
38. Founding of Rome
39. Greece Colonized, Democracy Begins
40. Israel and Judah Fall
Week 6
41. Prophets of God
42. Roman Republic Divided
43. Persian Wars
44. Pericles and the Peloponnesian War
45. Greek Philosophers
46. Nehemiah and the Jewish Return
47. Alexander the Great
48. Alexander the Great Conquers Egypt
Week 7
49. Architectural Advances in Rome
50. Rome Rises to World Power
51. Reign of Julius Caesar
52. Egypt Falls to Rome
53. Reign of Caesar Augustus
54. Birth of Christ
55. Ministry of John the Baptist
56. Ministry of Christ
Week 8
57. Crucifixion,Resurrection, and Ascension of Christ
58. Rome Burns, Nero Persecutes Christians
59. Destruction of Jerusalem
60. Pompeii Burns
61. Split of the Roman Empire
62. Constantine and Edict of Milan
63. The First Council of Nicea
64. St. Augustine Converts to Christianity
Week 9
65. Barbarian Invasion and Vikings
66. St. Jerome Completes the Vulgate
67. The Council of Chalcedon
68. End of the Western Roman Empire
69. St. Benedict and Monasticism
70. Justinian the Great
71. Mohammed and Islam
72. Charles Martel, Pepin the Short, and Charlemagne
Week 10
73. Alfred the Great
74. Otto I and the Holy Roman Empire
75. The East-West Schism
76. The Feudal System
77. William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings
78. Cathedrals in Europe
79. The Crusades
80. St. Francis of Assisi
Week 11
81. The Magna Carta
82. St. Thomas Aquinas
83. Marco Polo
84. The Hundred Years War, The Black Death, and Joan of Arc
85. The Great Papal Schism
86. John Wycliffe and John Huss
87. Prince Henry the Navigator
88. Fall of Constantinople to Mohammed II
Week 12
89. Gutenberg Prints the Bible
90. The Renaissance
91. The Inquisition
92. Columbus Sails the New World
93. Martin Luther Begins the Reformation
94. Magellan Circumnavigates the Earth
95. Ulrich Zwingli and the Anabaptist
96. The Act of Supremacy
Week 13
97. John Calvin and the Institutes
98. Cortes, de Soto, de Leon and Coronado: the Spanish Explorers
99. The Council of Trent
100. John Knox, the Scottish Reformer
101. Explorers of the Northeast: Cartier, Champlain, and Cabot
102. Raleigh Settles Roanoke
103. Jamestown is Founded in Virginia
104. The Mayflower Lands at Plymouth
Week 14
105. Pilgrims Build Plymouth Colony
106. Massachusetts Bay Colony, Home of the Puritans
107. Roger Williams, Founder of Rhode Island
108. Salem Witch Trials
109. 13 Colonies Formed
110. The First Great Awakening
111. Colonial Trading with England
112. The French and Indian Wars
Week 15
113. Parliament Acts Unjustly
114. The First Continental Congress Seeks Peace with Britain
115. The War for Independence Begins
116. British Lose at Bunker Hill
117. America Declares Its Independence
118. Washington Commands the Continental Army
119. Winter at Valley Forge
120. Yorktown and the Treaty of Paris
Week 16
121. The Constitutional Convention
122. America's Founding Fathers
123. Washington, Our First President
124. The Louisiana Purchase from France
125. The Lewis & Clark Expedition
126. The Second Great Awakening
127. The War of 1812
128. The Missouri Compromise
Week 17
129. The Monroe Doctrine
130. Traveling the Erie Canal
131. Jacksonian Democracy
132. The Cotton Gin Establishes the South
133. Slavery in the South
134. The Cherokee Trail of Tears
135. Remember the Alamo
136. Westward Expansion
Week 18
137. War with Mexico
138. 49ers and the California Gold Rush
139. Opening the Oregon Territory
140. Lincoln, the 16th President
141. War Between the States
142. The Battle of Gettysburg
143. Great Generals of the War Between the States
144. Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad
Week 19
145. Reconstructing the South
146. Black Leadership Emerges in the South
147. The Age of Industry
148. The Battle of Little Big Horn
149. Cowboys and the West
150. The Spanish-American War
151. A President Named Teddy
152. Immigration to America
Week 20
153. Wright Brothers and Other Inventors
154. The Great World War
155. Roaring Twenties
156. The Great Depression
157. World War II, the Biggest War
158. The Cold War, Korea and Vietnam
159. The Space Race
160. Modern America