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What PERIOD said "Art could be unified with technology and aesthetically pleasing objects could be made by mechanical means?
Name 3 of the first machine age developments in the years of modernism that were covered in class and in the book. Give an example, such as communications/telephone. Think big picture
1. Travel - ship, rail, auto, air
2. Lighting - electricity
3. Structural engineering using steel and reinforced concrete
Name the 4 men that have been regarded as the PIONEERS of the modernism in design.
1. Walter Gropius
2. Mies van der Rohe
3. Le Corbusier
4. Frank Lloyd Wright
Name 3 pioneers of the International Style, that all worked for Peter Behrens
1. Walter Gropius
2. Mies van der Rohe
3. Le Corbusier
Name the MAIN colors used in the De Stijl's designs
The primaries (red, blue, yellow) and black/white
Why were the colors chosen for De Stijl's designs?
De Stijl translates to
The Style
What are the main concepts for the De Stijl Movement?
De Stijl was primarily concerned with concepts of pure abstraction in painting and sculpture.
Name Frank Lloyd Wright's famous residential house in Pennsylvania.
Who coined the phrase "Less is more"?
Mies van der Rohe
Another famous quote and sometimes has been very controversial, "A house is a machine for the living", is said by one of the most famous designers
Le Corbusier
There was a whole group of very famous people of the Bauhaus, name the furniture design student that ended up teaching there and later on - partnered with Walter Groupius
Marcel Breuer
What is the name of this designers (design student furniture designer) most famous chair (named after another teacher at Bauahus?
In 1925 a World's Fair in Paris showcased an incredible exhibition of interior design in objects and rooms. Name this post world-war style.
Art Deco
The key criterion in the modern period and still remains true to today's design is one word only. Name that word.
The term Industrial design came into use in the 20's and 30's to describe what?
A profession which designs products from Industry
The term "Modern Design" of the second decade of the 20th century was primarily developed in what country?
What did Frank Lloyd Wright name his concrete blocks with the decorative face?
Textile block
Name one of the largest architectural firms (with many staff members), founded in 1936, and worked with a lot of skyscrapers?
SOM (Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill) responsible for both the architecture and interior design of the Terrace Plaza Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio. Favored Mies van der Rohe
Name the modest desert camp of FLW, which has grown into a complex in which one can receive a Masters Degree in Architecture
Taliesin West
Where do we see ART DECO in public interiors..the MOST, in the US and other countries? Name one special interior, here in Tucson
Theatres/Fox Theatre in Tucson
There was a second tier of modernist that was major to this modern movement. Humanity and a sense of the organic were always at the heart of his work, name this special famous designer
Alvar Aalto
Scandanavian countries came to be praiseed for their contribution of this furniture. Name this special kind of furniture construction
What was very different about lighting in the Art Deco era?
Ambiant lighting - sconces - defused - reflective lighting
Name a famous women professional decorator of the 20th Century?
Woods, Ross, Wolf, cummings, Parish, McMillian, Elkin
Name two famous commercial furniture manufacturers mentioned in our book
1. Knoll
2. Herman Miller
Name the Academy that produced some famous designers, such as the Saarinens, Harry Bertoia, and Florence Schust (Knoll)
Name 3 famous or nationally recognized architectural and/or furniture designs of Eero Saarinen
womb chair
tulip chair
grasshopper chair
(TWA lounge area)
Name some of the other names ART DECO was called before the 60's when it finally ended up being ART DECO
1. Jazz Modern
2. Arts and Crafts
3. New Traditionalists
Who said "Good design is good business"?
Florence Knoll
Name 3 of the 5 of the points of Le Corbusier architecture
1. Pilotis
2. Roof Gardens
3. Free Plan
4. Ribbon windows
5. Free Facade
By the 50's modernism is firmly in place. What does the book say about the post WW II modernistic ideas and interior design?
modernistic ideas became commercial production; interiors were filled with gross versions of modernisitic furniture, kitchens w/appliances in pastel colors (gigantic automobiles); interior design moved forward in contrast to this unfortunate dominate direction
Art Deco had its origins in displays - where?
In Paris in the 1920's, notably the Esposition des Arts Decforatifs et Industriels in 1925.
What features define Art Deco?
Stepped forms, zigzag patterns, black, glass, and chrome, use of mirrors, and light fixtures
fashion-oriented style, which was expected to take its place in the sequence of styles from past history
Some of the people at the Bauhuas program included:
Gropius recruited an extroidinary faculty that included modern artists, such as Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, and Lyonel Feininger and many other distinguished teachers such as Josef Albers, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and Marcel Breuer.