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Sumerian Civilization Begins
3500-2500 BC
Sumerian Cuneiform
3200 BC
The Tower of Babel
3500-3300 BC
Era of the Old Kingdom of Egypt
3000-2100 BC
King Narmer (Menes) unites Upper and Lower Kingdoms of Egypt
3000 BC
Epic of Gilgamesh
3000-1200 BC
Great Pyramid built (burial place of Cheops)
2550 BC
Minoan Civilization
2200-1450 BC
Middle Kingdom of Egypt
2040-1720 BC
Hammuraabi ingerits the throne of Babylon
1792 BC
Ahmose expels Hyksos from Egypt
1567 BC
Hatshepsut rules as Pharaoh
1473-1458 BC
Mycenaeans settle in Crete
1450 BC
Tutankhamen's life span
1357-1339 BC
Spread of Assyrian Empire
1300-1200 BC
Legend of the Trojan Horse
1250 BC
Height of Phoenician civilization; Greek "Dark Ages"
1200-700 BC
Homer composes the Iliad and the Odyssey
800 BC
Romulus foounds Rome on the Tiber River in Italy
753 BC
Nebuchadnezzar rules as king of Babylon
605-561 BC
Cyrus the Great rules over Medes and Persians
559-525 BC
Confucius lives
551-479 BC
Rome becomes a Republic after the last of its kings is expelled
509 BC
Demokratia (rule by the people) begins in Athens
508 BC
Battle of Marathon
490 BC
War between Sparta and Athens (Peloponnesian War)
431-404 BC
Alexander the Great rules
336-323 BC
Punic Wars
264-146 BC
First united Chinese empire (The Qin Dynasty)
221 BC
Hannibal's invasion of Italy
218 BC
Construction of the Great Wall of China Begins
214 BC
Rome destroys Carthage - The Fall of Greece
146 BC
Julius Caesar lives
100 - 44 BC
69-30 BC
Augustus Caesar's Live
63 BC - 14 AD
Roman Empire
27 BC - 476 AD
Nero's Reign
58-64 AD
Boadicea revolts against Rome
61-63 AD
Persecution of the Christians begins in the Roman Empire
64 AD
Temple in Jerusalem is destroyed by Titus; Jews scattered
70 AD
Pompeii is destroyed by Mt Vesuvius
79 AD
Diocletian Lives
245-313 AD
The Reign of Constantine
312-337 AD
Constantine founds Constantinople and moves the seat of the Roman Empire
330 AD
The fall of the Western Roman Empire
476 AD