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900s B.C.
Roman settlement begins
600s B.C.
Etruscans take power of Rome
509 B.C.
Rome revolted Etruscans power and regained their land
367 B.C.
A law was set saying a least one consul had to be a plebeian; also stating plebeians could be senators
450 B.C.
laws of Twelve Tables adopted, giviing plebeians more power
264 B.C.
Rome controls all of Italian penninsula
265-146 B.C.
Roman conquests around the Mediterranean Sea
146 B.C.
Carthage is destroyed
120-44 B.C.
Breakdown of the Roman Republic
March 15th, 44 B.C.
Julius Casear is assassinated
27 B.C.
Octavian become 1st Roman emperor
58-51 B.C.
Caesar led army in conquering Gaul (France)
49 B.C.
Caesar returned to Italy, war broke out between him and senate
48 B.C.
Caesar won war and became dictator
45 B.C.
Caesar became only consul
44 B.C.
Caesar become dictator for life
44 B.C. (After Caesar's Death)
Augustus becomes emporer, beginning a period of properity to Rome, lasting 200 years
A.D. 14
Augustus dies
A.D. 92
Rome enters time called the age of "five good emporers"
A.D. 117-82
Hadrain rules
A.D. 69
Year in which the six month rule of Aulus Vitellius rules
A.D. 64
Terrible fire occured, destorying most of city
63 B.C.
Romans conquer Judaea
37 B.C.
Herod begins to govern Judaea
A.D. 64
1st official anti-Chrisitan campain begins by Nero
A.D. 284-305
Diocletian rules Rome
By A.D. 200s
More than 50,000 Christians killed
A.D. 312-337
Constantine rules Rome
A.D. 180
Marcus Aurelius dies
A.D. 180-192
Commodus rules
A.D. 284
Diocletian divides the empire
A.D. 313
Constantine delcares freedom of religion (Christianity)
A.D. 330
Constantinople become capital of Rome
A.D. 284-305
Diocletian rules
A.D. 312-337
Constantine rules
A.D. 410
Visigoths loot Rome
A.D. 455
Vandals loot Rome
A.D. 476
Last Roman emperor is driven from Rome