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Goals of Thomas Jefferson

1)Equal and exact justice to all men
2)Friendship with all countries but no alliances
3)Respect for state's rights
4)Encourangment of agriculture and commerce
5)Freedom of press, speech and election
6)Economy and honesty in managment of countrie's finance
Thomas Jefferson's Ideas on Constitution
- Strict interperation
(Louisianna Purchase)
Importance of Mississippi
- Import/export goods (pottery and farmers)
- Up and down
- Connect USA w/ Gulf of Mexico
- French dictator
- Wanted to create a French empire in America
- Convinced Spain to give its land
James Monroe
- Ambassador sent to France to buy New Orleans and the land east of river
- In Saint Dominique
- French got caught up, N. needed to regain control b4 takes American control (more time) so he sells Lousidianna
Louisiana Purchase
- 1803 its purchased from France for 15 million
- Doubled size of US
- Increased knowledge
- Increased resources
- Find new passage
Questions about consitutionality and Impact of LP
- Doesn't say in Constitution how Congress can buy land from foreign countries
Opposition of LP
- Fed. fear that with more land, more supporters for Jeff (Rep.)
- Native Americans
- Some Rep. too
- Spansih/ French and English
- Merchants
- 13 Colonies
Lewis and Clark Expedition

- goals
- preperation

- explore land
- first expedition


Aaron Burr
Not Rep. or Fed
Killed Hamilton
Hates Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton
The Duel
- Location
- Why?
- Rules
- Impact
- Weehaken, New Jersey on a cliff

- Burr challenged Hamilton.
- Honour

- No one could watch
- Illegal so called an interview

- could harm reputation
- lost Hamilton
Midnight Judges
Last minute judges appointed by Adams in order to keep federalist power before Jefferson took office
Judicial Review
- Outcome of Marbury vs. Madison
- Supreme Court can say an act is unconstitutional
Judiciary Acts 1789/1801

- Created national court system: 3 circut courts ; 13 district courts; headed by SC


- reduced number of SC jusge; increased number of federal jusges in circut and district courts
John Adams
2nd President---Federalist
Marbury vs. Madison
Marbury (Adams apointee) was refused job as SC judge by Jefferson
- Feb 1803
- Chief Justic Marshall said since it wasn't in Constitution Marbury couldn't have his job
- Judicial Review was made
John Marshall
Chief Justice of SC
- Appt by Adams
- Fed
- Jeff's cousin
- built prestige and suthority of SC
Embargo Act
Law that prohibited US boats from sailing for any foreign ports

- FAILED - trade decreased
Orders in Council
- British order that forbade neutral ships to trade with parts under Napoleon's control on the continent
Imperial decrees
Napoleons reply to OIC
Authorized French seizures of all ships that traded with the British Isles or that allowed themselves to be searched by a British cruiser
When Britain forced everyone (captured sailors...) to join its Navy
George Canning
British foreign secretary. He wanted to avoid war and was eager to make up for the Chesapeake affair
law or governemnt says that can't trade with other country