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List two reasons why the Greeks were interested in colonizing Italy?
Fertile land and location
2. Two social classes in early Rome were ____ and ___?
Patricians and the Plebeians
Identify the branches of Government in the Roman Republic?
Executive Branch-consuls and Legislative Branch-senate, Council of Centuries
List three changes the Patricians made as concessions to the Plebeians?
The twelve tables, tribal assembly, and tribunes who could veto laws in the senate
Describe the events and outcome of the second Punic war.
Hannibal came over the Alps from Spain with 40 elephants. He goes to Italy for ten years. Scipio goes to Carthage and they defeat Hannibal because his men and elephants were tired.
What was the outcome of the third Punic War?
Rome won against the carthagians and got control of the western Mediterranean which gave them the whole Mediterranean.
Describe the reforms of the Gracchus brothers
The Gracchus brothers gave lowcost grain to the poor, stopped the latifundia, both assassinated.
Define triumverate
Three people who rule equally over something
Who led the assassination of Julius Caesar and when was he assassinated?
He was assassinated on March 15, 44 BC and Brutus and Gaius Cassius assassinated him
Rome’s first emperor was _____
List five reforms or accomplishments of Rome's first emperor.
Made a building program, made trained governors in the provinces, The census, made praetorian guard, made emperor chief priest, made princeps
The period of peace and prosperity that lasted 200 years in the Roman Empire was called _____
Pax Romana
List the Flavian Emperors.
Vespasian, Titus and Domititon
List the Julio-Claudian Emperors
Claudius, Caligula, Tiberius, Nero
List the Good Emperors
Trajan, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelious, Antonious Pius, Nerva
Who wrote Meditations?
Marcus Aurelious
Who wrote the Aenid?
What was the policy known as that kept poor farmers from rebellion?
Bread and circuses
Describe three engineering or architectural achievements of the Romans
The Pantheon, Aqueducts, Trajan’s Column, The Dome, Hadrian’s Wall, Trajan’s Forum, Ach of Septimius Severus, Arch of Constantine, Roads, Concrete, and the Coliseum
Two apostles known for spreading Christianity were ____ and ___.
Peter and Paul
Why did Roman officials dislike Christians?
Because Christians did not want to serve in the army and did not participate in festivals and wouldn’t worship the emperor
People who chose to die rather that give up their beliefs were called ____?
Christians gained freedom of worship in the Roman Empire under the reign of ____?
Identify the levels in the hierarchy of the early Christian Church?
Priests, Bishops, Arch Bishop, Pope
What happened to Roman Emperors between AD 192-284?
The Military put many emperors to power and they were usually killed and were called the Barracks Emperors
Explain how economic instability led to the Decline of the Roman Empire?
Luxury goods drained the empire of gold and silver, rising taxes, inflation, and rise of prices.
List the reforms of Emperor Dioclesion.
The Edict of Prices froze wages and put sealing on prices and forced workers to stay at their jobs.
eastern part of the Roman Empire was called _____ its The capital was originally called _____ and was later renamed ______.
list three reasons why Germanic tribes entered the Roman Empire.
They wanted the land, they wanted domination
The leader of the Visigoths was named _______.
Who was Odoacer and what did he do?
Killed Romulus Augustulus, Named himself king of italy, and power of the western half disappeared.
What year do scholars refer to as the fall of the Roman Empire?
276 AD