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the religious and moral duties of an individual
hinduism: no single founder
buddhism: siddhartha gautama
relationship with god
hindu: worship a variety of gods that give a concrete form to brahman
budd: didn't have gods, although the people considered buddha a god
goal of life
hindu: achieving moksha, or union with brahman
buddh: to reach nirvana by following the middle way
sacred text
hindu: vedas, upanishads, the bhagarad gita
buddh: tripitaka
attitude toward nonviolence
both: stressed nonviolence
four noble truths:
1. lfie is full of suffering, pain, and sorry
2. the cause of suffering is the desire for things tha are really illusions
3. the only cure for suffering is to overcome desire
4. the way to overcomedesire is to follow the eightfold path
an essential self to everyperson to hindus
union with brahman
all the actions of a peron's life that affects his or her fate in the next life