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What did the Eastern Roman Empire include?
Asia Minor, Greece, the northern Balkan Peninsula, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, and Cyrenaica
While teh west was falling how was the east doing?
thriving and flourishing
Emperor, 527-565, reign marked splendid periods in history of empire, amrried theodora
most extrodinary empress, Justinians wife,early years in circus, actress in early teens, married Justinian in 525, encouraged husband to change laws for the betterment of women, saved husband from Nika Revolt
commander and chief of army, member of justinians body guards, mostly commander on eastern front, wife was friends with Theodora, lead defense in Nika Revolt
Who was Belisarius' wife? Importance?
Antonina, and she was friends with Theodora which was one of 2 major reasons he got his job
What were laws for women that Justinian made?
1.couldn't beat your wife and a wife could sue for divorce if she was mistreated
2.women could own property
3. repealed law saying widows had to give up children
How was the empire after Justinians death?
suffering and declining
Who settled in old troop areas and brought a new powerful force after Justinians death?
What did the Muslims conquer?
Armenia, Syria, Palestine, much of North Africa-Egypt
What allowed the Byzantine Empire to survive over 1,000 years after Justinian's death?
political, military, and economic strengths
What kind of government did they have?
they had an all powerful emperor with loyal officals who backed him up, they also believed in a shrewd diplomacy
What were soliders rewarded with?
land grants
Greek Fire
a flammable liquid used by navy ships to light others on fire- secret weapon
Constantinople economic importance
great for trade because of its location- everyone goes through it to trade with others
Who were religious leaders?
They didn't follow the Roman Catholic pope but instead followed their own patriarch
Whats the importance with icons?
There were many debates about religious icons becasue iconoclasts were against the worship of icons while others were for it.
Iconoclastic Controversy
the problem of icons was big for centuries and finally icons were outlawed but many worshipped them anyway, so eventually the effort in getting rid of them stopped
icon issue- because it was an opinion that conflicted with the church- iconoclasts were threatened with excommunication from the church
Eastern Orthodox Church
the eastern roman empire church
What was art devoted to?
art was devoted to religion and used many mosaics to create icons
How did artists depict their subjects
they didn't make their goal to imitate physical reality. tehy made images appear stiff or artifical
Hagia Sophia
a church in Constantinople that is one of the greatest masterpieces ordered to be created by Justinian