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Trade or the buying and selling of goods on a large scale.
large scale...
The ability to read and write.
What is a CLASSIC?
A work of art or literature from Ancient Greece or Rome; something considered to be of the highest quality or rank.
art or lit...
What is a PATRIARCH?
The male leader of a family or tribe; in the Byzantine Empire, the Bishop of Constantinople.
male... bishop...
What is a DYNASTY?
A succession of rulers from the same family or line.
What is an ICON?
A picture or representation of a sacred Christian person, itself regarded as sacred.
What is a PROVINCE?
In the Ancient Roman Empire, any of the lands outside Italy conquered and ruled by the Romans.
outside Italy...
What is a SCHISM?
A separation or division into fractions, especially a formal separation within a Christian church.
formal separation...
What is a MOSAIC?
A picture or design made of small colored pieces of glass or quartz embedded into plaster.
glass, plaster...
What is a BARBARIAN?
In Ancient Roman Empire, people living along the empire's borders; a person considered by another group to have a primative culture or speak a different language.
primative, diff language
What lead to the collapse of the Roman Empire?
1. 300AD thousands of barbarians fled from Huns and entered the Roman Empire. Many hostile barbarians were able to enter with their weapons.

2. Struggle for political control. Bribes strained the treasury.

3. Food shortages

4. Inflation

5. Loss of money

6. Invaded and conquered.
borders overflowed, political control & bribes, food, inflation, money, invasion
Why didn't minting more coins solve the Roman Empire's economic problems?
Coins weren't made of valuable metals, weren't the same value and this caused inflation.
Hey, this quarter is NOT made of silver!
In what ways might the roads, aqueducts and buildings that the government funded have improved the living conditions within the provinces?
1. Roads connected the provinces to Rome.

2. Aqueducts piped drinking water from wells to people.
Road to rome, water from wells
Why did the government limit the number of barbarians entering the empire at any one time?
To prevent strain on resources such as food & water, and to prevent war & overcrowding.
resources, war, overcrowding
In what ways was Constantinople like Rome and how was it different?
1. Both had Christianity
2. Both had border patrols

1. Constantinople had less laws, was more organized.

2. Constantinople won in the battle against the Persians.
worship, borders
laws/organization, battling Persians
Why was the Eastern Roman Empire able to survive and prosper while the Western Roman Empire crumbled?
1. Stronger capital city, military and economic.
2. Physical geography - water on 3 sides, mountains on the fourth side provided shelter from attacks. Made it a perfect stopping point for trade.
stronger capital, water 3 sides, trade stopping pt
In what ways did the peoples of various cultures benefit from contact with each other?
1. Enriched their culture
2. Exchange of ideas, increased knowledge
3. Building
4. Ships
culture, ideas, buildings, ships
What were some of the accomplishments of the Byzantine Empire?
1. Christianity
2. Mosaics
3. Justinian Code
Christ, mosaic, J code
What are some of the aspects of Chinese culture influenced by the Gupta Indians?
1. Buddhism
2. Religous art
In what ways did the peoples of Persia, India & China influence each other's cultures and how did they come into contact with one another?
Persia was influenced by China's art of making SILK (109 A.D.)

China was influenced by India with Buddhism and art.

India was influenced by _______
silk, buddhism, art
How has the Justinian Code affected the modern world?
1. Was so effective that many nations in Europe and Latin America use it as the model for their legal systems today.
Europe, Latin Amer legal systems
How might Rome's battles with Persia have contributed to the Western Roman Empire decline?
Battles with Persia weakened the Empire and cost money, land & armies.
weak - lost money, land, armies
How did Justinian rebuild Constantinople?
He strengthened it and made religion the main point of daily life.
strengthened, daily religion
Compare the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Church of Rome.
Tolerated more discussion
Spoke in Greek, a well-known language
Plainer on the outside, beautiful on the inside.
YES <- icons

Spoke in Latin (known only by Greek and well-educated)
Beautiful on the outside, plainer on the inside.
NO <- icons
language, outside/inside, icons?
Explain why the Eastern Orthodox Church became a separate church from the Church of Rome.
The Roman Church wanted NO icons because they feared people would worship them more than the actual god/person. The Eastern Church wanted the icons.
Why was it difficult but necessary for the Byzantine Emperor to ask for the Pope's help in 1095?
The Byz Emperor needed military assistance from the West in order to defend Constantinople agains the Turkish invaders.
Turkish invaders