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exclusive right to manfacture or sell an invention
transcontinental railroad
railroak that crossed the continental united states
trunk lines
major railroads connected to outlying areas by feder or branch lines
sent message over long distances by using electrical current to transmit dots over wire
bessemer process
effiecent method of making steal
edwin L. Drake
used a steam engine to drill for oil near pennsylvania
elijah mccoy m
made a significant contribution to the industrial use of oil
george washinghouse
made a large furtune in the railroad industry
aleander graham bell
invented the telegraph
thomas awa edison
telegraph could send up to 4 messages over the same wire simotaniously
lewis latimer
skilled draftsman
economic system in which private business runes most industries
free enterprise
belief that economy will prosper if businesses are left free from goverment regulation
polital theory that proposes that all people should own property and means of production
social darwinism
theory adaptred by philoopher herbert spencer argured that society progresses through competition
company that sells shares of ownership called stock to investors in order to rais money
arrangement grouping several companies under a single board of directors to eliminate competiton
exclusive economic control of an industry
vertical integration
ownership of business involved in each step of a manufacturing process
horizontal integration
ownership of several companies that make the same product
horatio alger jr.
published a popular series of novels that reflected increasing importance of individualism
andrew carnegie
urged oung men to invest in stocks as he had
john d rokefeller
one founder of the standard oil company
conelious vanderbuilt
pioneer of the railroad industry
george pullman
designed and manufactured railroad cars that made long distance travle more comfortable
people who appose all forms of goverment
shorman antitrust act
law prohibiting monopolies and trust that restrained trade
knights of labor
one of the first national labor unions in the united states
terence v powederly
irish catholic anarchist and mayor of seranton pennsylvania
mary hames jones
played prominet roles in the union
great upheavel
year of intense labor strikes on vilent lavor confrontations in the us
haymarket riot
incident in which a bomb exploded during a labor protest held in haymarket square
american federation of labor
union founded in 1816 by samuel gompars for skilled workers
eugene v. des
supported the pullman strikers