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Northern Democrats

Radical fringe that wanted to support the South
John Brown
fanatical freesoiler from Kansas

killed five men at Pottawatomie creek

started guerilla wargare in Kansas

raid on Harpers Ferry Virginia, 1859
pet banks
1830 state banks

received deposits of federal funds instead of the Bank of the United States

chosen by Roger Taney, Jackson Secretary of Treasury
Dorothea Dix
Boston schoolteacher

found horrible conditions for insane at East Cambridge Hous of Corrections

commenced an investigation of jails and almshouses in Mass.

Reported the legislature in 1843

Transformed social attitudes toward mental illness
Henry Clay
War Hawk from Kentucky

speaker of the House

treaty negotiator in Ghent in 1814

J.Q. Adams supporter in 1824, "corrupt bargain"

Great compromiser
John Rolfe
Virginia planter

1612, began developing milder form of tobacco

Rolfe's strain of tobacco became Viginia's cash crop and economic savior of Jamestown

Married Pocohontas, daughter of powerful Indian leader Powhatan in 1613
Martin Luther
German Monk

Challenged Catholic Church's tenets and authority

1517 he posted his "Ninety-five theses" protesting abuses by the church

Protestant Reformation


Direct relationship with God, priesthood of believers

Expelled from Catholic Church in 1520
Union League
founded at Philadelphia in 1862

intended to promote support for the Union

instructed Blacks and whites in their rights and duties as citizens support
George Whitfield
Great Awakening preacher

English minister

Preached to huge crowds

released "gales of heavenly wind" that swept the colonies

Urged people to experience "a new birth" conversion and salvation
South Carolina and Georgia

black communities

descendents of slaves

language ties to African ancestors
Catherine Beecher
Women's Rights leader

Teacher and advocate of education for women

Wrote Treatise on Domestic Economy

Upheld "cult of domesticity," and "woman's shpere"
Monroe Doctrine
European powers can't colonize American continents

Differences in governing systems means Europe extension to American continents is seen as dangerous to peace and the safety of America

non US interference with existing European colonies

no US interference in internal European affairs and wars
Charles A. Beard
An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution
Edmund Ruffin
Studies the chemistry of soils to improve their productivity
William T. Sherman
Determined to "make Georgia howl"
Roger Williams
Rhode Island
Nicholas Biddle
Attempted an early recharter of the Second Bank of the United States
John Peter Zenger
Newspaper editor tried for libel
James Tallmadge, Jr
Introduced an amendment to ban slavery in Missouri