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What is Facism?
Reaction against individual rights/ pluralism.
FDR's Arsenal of Democracy?
Builds up a defense, peacetime draft, US will loan military supplies to all countries and allow US ships to accompany Bristish in Atlantic
What is the deal with Japan?
US denies shipment to Japan so they bomb US at Pearl Harbor. US then joins the war. US island hops so they will have military checkpoints in order to fight.
What is D-Day?
invasion of Normandy
What is V-E day?
Germany Surrendering
who are the allies?
USA, Great Britian, Russia
Who are the Axis of Evil?
Germany, Italy, Japan
How does Japan Surrender?
US uses atomic bomb on Hiroshima in order to affect civilians. THen bombs Nagasaki. Japan then surrenders on V-J-Day.