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Republicanism was exactly the same from the North and South: T or F?
F. They were significantly different. Republican theorists had defined governmental tyranny as the greatest political eveil and slave owning planters were in full agreement.
Whaqt did they want to prevent despotic rule by tyrants or demagogues?
To place authority in the hands of independent and incorruptible men of "virtue".
Who began to see themselves as the embodiment of these ideals?
What did European visitors commonly note among the regions?
Profound social differences. New England: religious. Southerners: slavery=major cause of the ignorance and poverty of their region.
How did slavery find its way into national politics?
At the Philedalphia convention in 1787, most delegates accepted slavery. Southerners sought additional protection for slavery in ther second session of the new nationaql legislature.
What still remained a contested issue nationally?
Slavery. W
What happened when congress ended legal American participation in the Atlantic slave trade in 1807?
Northern representatives tried to regulate the coastal trade in slaves and provide for the emancipation of illegally imported slaves.
What happened to political conflict over slavery as the northern states emancipated more african American laborers?
In 1817, what did the American colonization society encourage?
Southern planters to emancipate their slaves.
Was the American Colonization System a failure or success?
failure. Only raised enough money to purchase freedom for a few slaves.
Why did colonization fail?
The South was changing in a dramatic fashion-and in ways that encouraged the expansion of slavery.b
The demand for labor in the southwest far excceded the supply despite what?
The influx of new slaves.
How did the influx of new slaves happen?
Thousands of others were sold and many were forced migrants from Southeast.
What else did Westward movement change?
The character of white society. Slave owning remained broadly diffused. Proportion of those who owned slaver decreased.
What did wealthy and influential owners do to society?
Dominated it and gave an aristocratic republican definition to politics.