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Amergio Vespucci
Traveled to teh new world in 1499.
Sailed the east coast of S. America.
Reported it was so large it must be a new continent.
America is a variation of the name Amergio.
John Cabot
First to sight North America. Vietian sponsored by King Henry VII
"The Newe Founde Lande"
Gave England the bases to call North America.
Ecomienda System
Spanish conquistadors transfered to America, favored officers, privileged landowners who controlled Indian villages.
Mini Kingdoms.
Pueblo Indians
Were promised that Spanish dominion would brig them peace, justice, prosperity and protection. revolted after having to give sexual favors. 3 days of fighting. 500 men, 300 w&c killed.. survivors enslaved.
Establishments of isolated catholic missionaries where they imposed christianity.